A Farewell to Mrs. Kelly: Faculty Member Since 2002


Southern Lehigh High School

Mrs. Kelly has served the Southern Lehigh community for nineteen years and is retiring this year.

Lauren Volkodav

After serving the Southern Lehigh community for nineteen years, guidance counselor Mrs. Lynne Kelly is retiring. Mrs. Kelly has served our community in many capacities, from guidance counselor to AP Coordinator and even National Honor Society Chapter Adviser up until 2018

Mrs. Kelly came to Southern Lehigh in October of 2002 after serving as a counselor at both Harrison Morton Middle School and Louis E. Dieruff High School in the Allentown School District. 

During her time in our district, Mrs. Kelly has observed Southern Lehigh grow, but not without a few challenges, such as the increase in students’ mental health concerns and the negative effects of social media and cell phone use have posed to our community as a whole. However, with a strong school spirit, Southern Lehigh students and staff persevered through these challenges. 

“‘Spartan strong’ is not just a slogan; it is alive and well at Southern Lehigh,” she said, observing that it is a “true community in every sense of the word.” Mrs. Kelly also believes that Southern Lehigh High School has become a school that provides “a top-notch education within a culture that is safe and inclusive.” 

I hope that we continue to inspire excellence in the arts, academics, and athletics while also maintaining dignity and respect for others,” she said. Mrs. Kelly also credits the Southern Lehigh community with accomplishing great things to help others,  including raising money for Four Diamonds, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and other charitable programs.

Clearly, Mrs. Kelly has been very active in her role on campus. She is always talking to someone or can be found in her office guiding a student through their high school experience with a kind smile. Her retirement will seemingly give her a pause from her busy lifestyle, but she has quite a few plans for her future free time. 

“I will spend time with my family, my three grandsons, my daughters, my mom, and husband,” she said, as well as “traveling, biking, hiking, and having fun with less stress and more time to enjoy the simple pleasures, such as a good meal, captivating book, and random adventures.”

Mrs. Kelly will miss the Southern Lehigh community just as much as it will miss her.  

Southern Lehigh students and my colleagues at the high school have continued to amaze and impress me with their dedication, determination, and their desire to challenge themselves despite the many obstacles before them,” she said.

Some of Mrs. Kelly’s favorite memories at Southern Lehigh have centered on the legendary high school pep rallies.  

A very special memory was the pep rally where teachers (including Sra Imms) shaved their heads in front of the entire school to raise money for [the Leukemia Lymphoma Society],” she said. “Also the rap battle between Mr. Castagna and Mr. Haupt was a classic!” 

Mrs. Kelly has also enjoyed her work with “the many NHS Pennies for Patients campaigns, which raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.” 

While Mrs. Kelly will retire from the Southern Lehigh community alongside the graduating Class of 2021, she hopes her legacy of “being a team player and a strong advocate” for her students will endure. 

For the current students, Mrs. Kelly offers one last bit of guidance. High school is four short years which have a tremendous impact on your future,” she said. “Use this time wisely; get involved, do your best academically, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, most of all, be kind and considerate of others.”