Morgan Wallen bounces back with “One Thing At A Time”


Big Loud/Mercury

After multiple scandals and a two year break, Morgan Wallen releases his third studio album, “One Thing at A Time.”

Morgan Wallen is back! Wallen released his third studio album, “One Thing At A Time” on March 3, 2023. Fans are creating buzz around his new music, considering it has been two years since his last album, “Dangerous: The Double Album.” 

Morgan Cole Wallen is 29 years old and an American country singer. Wallen first came into the public eye in 2014 on Season 6 of “The Voice,” where he made it to the top 20. He is most known for his best-selling album “Dangerous” which sold 3,461,000 copies. His best-known song is “Wasted On You,” from the same album. 

Wallen improved his image after controversies in 2020 and 2021. In May of 2020 he was arrested outside of Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Wallen apologized, and was suspended from a performance on Saturday Night Live. Almost a year later in 2021, TMZ released a video recording of Wallen using a racial slur. After this incident he was temporarily suspended from his record label, and his music was removed from several major radio stations in the United States. 

A week after all of the controversies, album sales for “Dangerous” surged and he continued to be very popular. Afterward, he wrote a lot of singles, but no albums. 

I didn’t know all of the controversy until I heard about the scandals from friends, and I was very shocked. I do feel that he needed to take a break after this happened, and am very surprised that his album sales went up and were still very popular. Wallen bounced back very quickly, and faster than I thought he would. 

On December 2, 2022, fans went crazy over Morgan Wallen’s release of a three song sampler of his newest album, “One Thing At A Time.” In this sampler, he released “One Thing At A Time,” “Days That End In Why,” and “Tennessee Fan.” “One Thing At A Time” achieved 39,100,054 streams on Spotify.

I liked all of the songs on the sampler. My favorite song was “Tennessee Fan.” I loved how he sounded in this song, I didn’t even focus on what the song was about the first time I listened to it. In the song he talks about being a Tennessee fan. I think I really connected to it because my sister goes to Penn State and I am thinking about college.  

The full album “One Thing At A Time” was released on March 3 2023, thrilling Wallen’s fans. Top songs on Apple Music are “Last Night,” “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” “Everything I Love,” and “Ain’t That Some.” 

It was really exciting to see how much Wallen’s music has grown since his last album. Some of the songs are so different from his typical songs about love or about break ups. Wallen’s new songs are more about how he found himself and love from another person. The songs I really liked were “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” “Cowgirls,” “98 Braves,” and “F150-50.”

While I personally didn’t enjoy all of the songs in this album, I did like more than half of them. As I listen to these songs more than a few times, I think I will like them all a lot more.  

With his new album, Morgan Wallen announced that he will be going on a “One Night At A Time World Tour,” with special guests Hardy, Parker McCollum, Ernest, and Bailey Simmerman. His tour starts in Nashville Tennessee on February 20th.