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Winter sparks ski season upon the Lehigh Valley

Madeline Hagens
Many Lehigh Valley skiers take on the trails at Blue Mountain Ski Resort.

It’s finally that time of year. Ski season has officially begun in the Lehigh Valley and the students of Southern Lehigh are eager to hit the slopes. Every year, a large number of kids make their way to Blue Mountain or Bear Creek in hopes of the best conditions. 

Sophomore Grady Oravec started the Ski Club at Southern Lehigh High School, bringing students from all grades to share their interest in skiing and snowboarding. 

“I wanted to join the Ski Club going into my freshman year, then I figured out there wasn’t one,” Oravec says, “so my sophomore year I decided to create one, so everybody who wanted the club in the school had it.”

Around thirty-five students have joined the club in hopes of a good snowy season. They plan to organize a trip to Blue Mountain sometime during the winter.. 

“I enjoy just being on the mountain hanging with my friends, [as well as] being active and having fun,” Oravec says. 

Junior Madeline Hagens is a ski instructor at Bear Creek and is among the rest of the students at Southern Lehigh who are excited for a good season. She is one of the many teens that typically spends her time on the slopes over the weekend and even some weekdays. 

“It’s a lot of fun being a ski instructor,” Hagens says. “I really enjoy watching people become better and take on more difficult trails.”

Many high school students are taking up the opportunity to work at either Bear Creek or Blue Mountain. A lot of people find it a fun place to spend time with their friends and family. 

“I feel like more and more people are inspired to become ski instructors,” Hagens says, “and there are definitely lots of teens who instruct and enjoy working on the mountain and the environment that it comes with.”

Last year was a disappointing season for those who wanted to make the most of their season passes and be able to hit all of the trails. The lack of snow and bad skiing conditions made it difficult to motivate kids to get out there. 

“The conditions last year were horrible, with rocks and dirt showing on most runs,” Oravec says. “I think that lack of snow made some hold out on going because they were afraid to damage their boards or skis.” 

Junior Madison Camden is active on the mountain throughout the season and agrees that the conditions were worse than usual last year. 

“I’m hoping that it will actually snow and that the mountains can use real snow rather than blown snow, which isn’t as powdery,” Camden says. 

Overall, the bad ski season last year makes students even more eager to hit the trails. The mountains tend to see more and more people throughout the course of the winter, as many kids love meeting up with friends on the slopes. 

“It is very busy on the weekends, and not as busy during the weekdays, especially during the nights,” Hagens says. “Most teens go then.” 

Now that ski season has officially begun, you can catch the Ski Club and other students around Southern Lehigh on the slopes this winter.

“I’m hoping for lots of snow this winter so the mountain can stay open as long as possible!” Hagens says.

About the Contributor
Finola Hieter
Finola Hieter, Staff Reporter
Junior Finola Hieter is a first-year staff reporter for the Spotlight. Finola is the social media officer of Fashion Club and participates in Mini-Thon and NHS. In her free time, she enjoys ballet and listening to music, particularly Frank Ocean. In the future, Finola plans on attending college to study journalism.