‘Justice League’ Fails to Save the Day

Jakob Bloss, Staff Reporter

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Over the past couple of years, DC films have not lived up to their expectations. Movies like “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v. Superman” were critically acclaimed for all the wrong reasons. In the wake of their previous let downs, DC has returned with yet another superhero movie for their fans: “Justice League.”

Ben Affleck returned to reprise his role as Batman. Zack Snyder, best known for his action movies and huge part in making hit blockbusters like “300,” “Watchmen,” and “Man of Steel,” had no room for error while directing this film after coming off his huge disappointment, “Batman v. Superman.”

The movie takes place years ago, when Steppenwolf tries to conquer the earth by using the powers of three mother boxes. These mother boxes give Steppenwolf power and a unity before Wonder Woman’s people, the Amazonians, hide them away from him. Months after Superman’s death, Steppenwolf tries to regain these boxes in an attempt to rule the earth again. To retrieve the boxes before Steppenwolf does, Bruce Wayne, or Batman, and Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, search for superheroes that can help them save the world.

Together, Bruce and Diana recruit a team of metahumans: The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), and Cyborg (Victor Stone). The Flash, the fastest human on Earth, is the youngest out of the group. He is awkward yet funny, and finds a sudden urge for saving people throughout the movie. Aquaman, “King of the Atlantis,” can telepathically communicate with sea life. He is an intimidating yet relaxed hero, who ultimately joins the Justice League because of his commitment to saving the world. Cyborg is regarded as one of the smarter ones in the league, and can easily work his way around technology if needed.

“Justice League” is finally a DC film that is lighthearted, easy to watch, and provides some fan service for all the comic book nerds out there. It has its flaws, but Zack Snyder knew that fans want entertainment, and this film’s heroes bring plenty of it. Even though the character introductions are rushed, the heroes provide a rush of excitement every time they are in action. Their chemistry together is also amazing, making viewers excited for these characters to come back, and Snyder did a pretty good job at bringing the heroes together in a realistic manner.

With all the pros of “Justice League,” there are some cons that present themselves as well. Snyder handed audiences a lackluster storyline, a weak villain, and subpar CGI. The plot just seems so typical: an evil villain who wants to conquer the Earth and is stopped by some superheroes. The “Justice League” needed a reason to come together, so in the context of the film it makes some sense, but they could’ve at least done a better job with their CGI. The movie also moves pretty fast, but that is due to the short run time which provides more advantages than disadvantages.

When “Justice League” was first announced, fans were buzzing with anticipation. When it finally premiered in November, “DC” seemed to take the right step with it. The film isn’t perfect but it still manages to be what it was meant to be, nonetheless. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie in theaters unless you’re looking for a basic yet entertaining movie, or you’re just a hardcore fan. I would rate the “Justice League” a 7/10 for its character chemistry, audience amusement, and fan service.

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