“How Could You” Podcast Review

English Teacher Lauren Tocci alongside her husband have chosen to spread their love of movie through their podcast,


English Teacher Lauren Tocci alongside her husband have chosen to spread their love of movie through their podcast, “How Could You”.

Arden Glad, Staff Reporter

Learning something new doesn’t always have to be in the classroom. This fall Southern Lehigh’s own zealous English teacher Mrs. Lauren Tocci and her husband started their own podcast “How Could You,” in hopes of sharing their love for film knowledge with others. 

“My spousal unit [and I] sit around and talk about movies all the time,” Mrs. Tocci said, “and we wanted to put it to use and start a fun, new project.”

The detailed and engaging podcast reels the listener into a deeper understanding of their favorite holiday movies, cinema classics and eerie films. Most episodes are around one hour long, allowing you to fully sink into the storyline and thought process behind these film discussions that range from deep background to favorite moments and character recasting. 

Listening to this podcast could be a great way to adventure and discover new movies you haven’t even dreamed about. The podcast itself is a fun way to pass time, and I enjoyed listening to the spooky ones in particular.

In one of the episodes “Friday the 13th,” the duo chats about the infamous Camp Crystal Lake, the camp that Jason Voorhees drowns in due to the negligence of two camp counselors. Later on Voorhees seeks revenge on the camp not allowing it to open to its full potential by slowly but surely killing off the campers. 

 If you are not sure which movie to start with, Mrs. Tocci’s got you covered. 

“From my own experience, ‘The Goonies,’” Mrs. Tocci said. I have not seen that movie until I was an adult.”

The very first episode of the podcast covers this classic 1985 movie about a group of West Coast kids facing their last days together before a development paves over their homes, when they stumble onto evidence of pirate’s treasure and attract the attention of a family of criminals.

A personal recommendation would be the “The Nightmare Before Christmas” episode, just because of the entertaining way that the Toccis went about debating whether the movie was a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. 

Overall I would give the lively podcast a solid 8.5/10 rating. It takes some time for the hosts to speak about their review of the movie review itself, and you really have to follow along or you may find yourself backtracking. For anyone who enjoys movies, friendly banter, and of course Mrs. Tocci, “How Could You” just might be for you.