Review of Supernatural’s Final Season



The Supernatural has officially came to an end having aired its last episode on November 19, 2020.

Lorelei Reigle, Staff Reporter

“Supernatural” is arguably one of the most popular shows on the CW. It’s been on for what feels like forever — fifteen years to be exact. Of course, every show has to end eventually, no matter how immortal it may seem. 

The well-loved show released its final episode, titled “Carry On,” on November 19, 2020. With the release of the final episode, the fans finally found out the fates of the beloved characters they had been following through the years. Many long-time fans like myself are rather unhappy with the show’s end and the final season overall.

Season 15 begins right where Season 14 left off, with brothers Sam and Dean and the angel Castiel fighting against all the souls that were released from Hell. Things only get crazier from there, culminating into an all out battle against God himself. This was no surprise, since these things were shown in most of the trailers for Season 15. Plus, this plot line honestly isn’t shocking for “Supernatural” even though it might come off as over-the-top or drastic from an outside perspective. Compared to previous seasons, though, the stakes were definitely a lot higher. This, personally, was one of the things that worried me. After seeing the promotions, I was left thinking that there was no way that this was going to go well for the characters. 

I was right about this, at least in my opinion. Overall, I just felt that it really could have been done better and that it was just quite weird and badly written. Everything felt sort of anti-climactic. It felt like a lot of anticipation for not much of an end product. I can’t really blame people for being upset about this, considering how much we’ve loved watching these characters over the years and hoped for them to get a well-written ending. 

While the ending is not satisfying, I do feel that there are some good parts. For example, there are scenes where the viewer gets to see Sam, Dean, Jack, and Cas genuinely happy and content together. Overall, I suppose I’d say that it could’ve gone worse, but also, it could’ve gone much, much better. 

If you want the full experience of the show, I would say that you should still watch the ending, but be ready to be at least a little disappointed if you’ve followed the show since the beginning.