‘Sometimes I Lie’ keeps readers guessing

Sometimes I Lie was published by Alice Feeney in 2017 and is soon to be adapted as a tv series.


Sometimes I Lie was published by Alice Feeney in 2017 and is soon to be adapted as a tv series.

Elyse Paugh, Staff Reporter

Imagine waking up not knowing where you are and unable to move and talk. In Alice Feeney’s 2017 psychological thriller novel “Sometimes I Lie,” a woman lies helpless waiting for her family around her to realize the truth about who tried to kill her. During this time, she makes the connection that reveals she won’t be getting better until someone puts the pieces together. 

Amber Taylor wakes up in her body but is unable to move, speak, or see. She’s in a coma. She can’t remember how she ended up here, but the use of flashbacks to the weeks leading up to the accident gives the reader insight into who could be responsible for this “accident.”

Every chapter flips back and forth between diary entries from 1991 (when the characters were 10 years old), a week before the accident, and in the present moment, when she’s in a coma. Unable to tell the difference between what’s real and what are her dreams, Amber recalls people from the past who were not so kind to her, and are now taking “care” of her. A past romantic interest posing as her doctor has everyone fooled about who he is and what his motives are. It isn’t until Paul becomes overprotective and sets up cameras in her room that we really learn who he is and what he has been doing after visiting hours. 

At some points in the novel, I feel like I woke up in a dark room unaware of what is happening and unable to process the information I am being given. There is never a dull moment in the book, but the author throws different character’s perspectives that don’t always make sense. The story did have good structure when it came to the sequence of the reveals. 

I can’t say the book didn’t leave me needing more and replaying the mini movie I made in my head. Amber and her sister’s relationship is revealed to be something more than anyone could have imagined. Her simple but messed up family turns into a tale that no one could have seen coming. 

This soon to be tv series starring Sarah Michelle Geller, is a fresh take on a typical mystery book with hundreds of plot twists that will hold your attention and refuse to let it go until the last few words. You will create bonds with each of the characters and take a stroll through Amber’s unconscious words. The ending left all my questions answered until the very last sentence. It will leave you breathless.