What’s Happening in the Lehigh Valley this Summer


Noelle Nelson

The Lehigh Valley Mall will remain open this summer.

Noelle Nelson

After being on lockdown last summer and having additional covid-related challenges this year, we all know everyone is looking forward to the summer and getting back to normalcy. Whether it’s from being cooped up inside or not doing too much of anything this past year, we all want to get in the sun and have fun if we can. Even though we are still in a pandemic, there are plenty of things to do in the Lehigh Valley that are open this summer and allow you to have the experiences that you wish for safely.

For those who miss their vitamin D, Dorney Park reopens to the public May 22nd and Water Water Kingdom reopens May 29th. You can enjoy the local classic entertainment filled with fun rides, games, and other various activities with your family or friends. 

Additionally, Allentown’s ArtsWalk Pocket Park is hosting a variety of activities. You can enjoy a free comedy night, drag queens, picnics in the park, trivia nights, live bands, free movies, and more, all at ArtsWalk on select days throughout the summer. 

However, if you decide you want to escape the heat, you can always enjoy the basic activities such as going to the AMC theater in the Promenade Shops. Showing new releases and fan favorites, the theater offers a variety of shows. If you want more of an exclusive event, the theater offers private parties for up to 20 people for either $99 or $149. 

For some old-fashioned fun, you can hit up the Bethlehem Skateway to roller skate or go to a local bowling alley, such as Town & Country Lanes, located in Bethlehem. 

Let’s not forget that the renowned Musikfest will be open for 2021 after closing last year. Despite the festival not looking exactly what we remember from previous years, there will still be plenty of enjoyment to have while listening to blissful music. While not all the shows and activities are confirmed yet, some acts including Willie Nelson & Family, Darius Rucker, Shinedown, and Kelea Ballerini had all been confirmed to perform this season. 

Many Lehigh Valley activities never seem to get old. You can try a new restaurant, go on a new hiking trail, or just bring your friends out for a fun shopping day at Lehigh Valley Mall. There’s plenty of stuff to do right in our backyard.

No matter what you do this summer or who you do it with, it’s always important to have fun. With that being said, make sure to check out the various websites and event pages to see what the current covid restrictions are, to make sure we all have a good time while staying safe and healthy.