‘Massive Talent’ showcases Cage’s massive talent



The comedic premise of “Massive Talent” lends itself to the highlighted phrase, “Nicholas Cage is Nick Cage” in this hilarious fictional story.

Nicholas Kim Coppola, or more familiarly, Nick Cage is one of Hollywood’s most beloved and familiar actors. The star of “National Treasure,” “Face/Off,” and “Ghost Rider” is a bit of an enigma in the industry. After 40 years in moviemaking, “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” brings a sarcastic and cynical, yet hilarious take on Cage’s personal life. 

Starring Nick Cage as Nick Cage, he finds himself out of a job amongst family struggles and personal troubles. These issues echo headlines of other famous actors – struggling with family, financial issues, and happiness – both poking fun at some actors’ behaviors, and also bringing to light that the spotlight doesn’t give you everything. 

After realizing he is a washed up actor, Nick decides that an offer to appear at a Spanish billionaire’s birthday party for $1,000,000 is an easy way to float back up to the surface, emotionally, as his last gig in Hollywood. Host Javi (played by actor Pedro Pascal of “The Mandalorian” and “Narcos”) is a massive admirer of Cage, and the two actors have incredible chemistry together, from their comical introduction until the end of the movie. 

The movie does seem to want to be intentionally funny at times, but only casually and with gusto. From Cage’s existentialist monologues to his care-free and alcoholic attitude, we see a side of stardom that isn’t all glitz and glamor, however exaggerated that it is. Javi encourages Cage to embrace his roles and talent as an actor instead of giving up, which is something Hollywood doesn’t see often. Burnt out actors are still actors, but they’re not happy ones.

The picturesque backdrop of the Spanish home gives the movie an amazing setting, with adventures and travels galore. The thirty-million-dollar budget was clearly spent on the most drastic and dramatic of stunts, but all playfully done. 

Nick Cage reportedly turned down his own role multiple times, saying that his personal portrayal on the screen is “not very close” to his actual personality. However, he says that a movie like “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” is an accomplishment for him, saying that his work from early in his career to this point has led him to this place in his life.

“I can tell the story [of “Massive Talent”] with some integrity and authenticity to it,” Cage said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “Everything happened for a reason. I have to look at [the movie] like that because that’s the healthiest and most positive way of looking at it.”

With Tom Gormican’s (“Ghosted,” “That Awkward Moment”) writing and directing, Nick Cage, however dramatic, poses in a light that truly captures every role he’s played. His alter ego “Nicy” that appears throughout the film is reminiscent of his early 1990’s look, and gives Cage some tips when the 58-year-old is struggling. 

Some moments, like Cage seeing a meme-d sequin pillow adorned with his face (available to see in Mr. Ruch’s room, bestowed upon him by the writer of this article) or Javi’s brilliant but crazy adventures that he leads Cage on, add a real sense of comedy to the movie. “Massive Talent” gives audiences a hearty laugh while also telling a story of loss, work ethic, and inspiration.

Though we normally see Cage as the “Declaration of Independence thief,” or the “taker of Huggies,” “Nick friggin’ Cage” fully embraces his stardom and fame, and all the shapes and sizes it comes in. Critics and fans alike highly praised this movie, awarding it an 86% Freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is available in theaters now, and digitally on platforms such as Amazon Prime, YouTube, or Vudu in the coming months.