Outer Banks comes out with a new season that shocks many fans



OBX3 has new characters and a lot new adventures that unfold during the season.

One year after the release of the second season of “Outer Banks,” the teen drama returned to Netflix on February 23rd with a new season. Within 24 hours of its release, it took the number one spot on Netflix for top television shows. “Outer Banks” is a popular show about a group of teenagers who live in the poorer parts of the Outer Banks (OBX). The show follows the group and their leader, John B (Chase Stokes), as they search for the lost gold his father was searching for before he mysteriously vanished. 

Season 3 picks up right where two ended with the lower-class town locals, referred to as “pogues,” stranded on a deserted island.

I had high expectations for the new season, since the previous seasons each had great plot lines. I was not disappointed. It did, however, seem like the creators rushed through some plot lines in season 3. For example, one romantic relationship that was introduced felt like it was only created to please fans, rather than advance the plot.

Season 3 focuses on saving John B’s father from a man named Mr. Singh (Andy McQueen) and finding the golden city of El Dorado. Mr. Singh was a great antagonist to add to the show. McQueen did a phenomenal job portraying a treasure-crazy maniac. His performance is compelling because he seems like a terrible person, who is really out to hurt everyone who stood in his way. 

The plot surrounding John B finding his father is executed well too. I found myself sometimes liking Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) more than I liked Big John (Charle Halford). Ward and Big John are both fathers of two of the main characters in the show, John B and Sarah (Madelyn Cline). Ward might have many terrible flaws, but Big John seems like his priorities are all over the place during this season. All he cared about was finding the gold, no matter who would be put at risk. It is his life mission, so I could see why he’d be stressed, but I still struggled to sympathize with the character until the end.

All the characters on the show are faced with many roadblocks throughout the season. Every episode either highlights someone trying to kill them, someone getting hurt, or someone getting abducted. I thought that these plot points were exciting and well-written. Each episode seemed to end with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers wanting to watch the next episode immediately, making “Outer Banks” such a bingeable show. 

The cinematography of “Outer Banks” is a strong point for the show as well. The scenery gives off a warm tone, the music is catchy, and the overall production does excellent with filming each scene. In a way, it really does make you excited for summer to roll around. 

Season four has already been announced by Netflix, but, as of now, the date of release is not determined. After how season 3 ended, it is suspected that season 4 will focus on a new treasure hunt. 

Overall, I thought that season 3 of “Outer Banks” was excellent, and I enjoyed its captivating plot and hooking conclusion.