The Spotlight

Need for LightSpeed?

Rachael Borelli, Staff Reporter

December 20, 2016

Imagine this: you’re surfing the web, cruising along, looking up a topic of interest, when suddenly, BAM! The website you were intending to look over is blocked by the school’s web filter, Lightspeed Systems. Almost everyone in the...

Does Homework Benefit Students?

Sarah Jacobson, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2016

The average high school student will do 17.5 hours worth of homework in just one week, according to a survey by the University of Phoenix. This equates to about 3.5 hours a night. I am no mathematician, but if a student gets home at 3 pm everyday, does their homework, and gets about an hour for ...

Go Home Freshmen: Custom or Cruelty?

Ashley Jann, Staff Reporter

October 26, 2016

At some point in your high school career, you have sat in the school gym watching the homecoming pep rally. Now think back to your freshman year, experiencing your first school-wide event as a high schooler, feeling your exciteme...

Does Senior Privilege Exist?

Emily Oberlender, Opinion Editor

October 26, 2016

Countless tests, multiple teachers, and hundreds of hours of homework later, Southern Lehigh’s class of 2017 finds themselves entering senior year. After going through three full years of high school, seniors in good academi...

Why Creativity in School Matters

Talia Trackim, Editor-in-Chief

March 30, 2016

To quote author and speaker on creativity, Sir Ken Robinson, “We don’t grow into creativity. We grow out of it. Or rather, we get educated out of it.” It’s true. We spend preschool and kindergarten playing with bl...

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