Another Option Comes to Southern Lehigh’s Cafeteria


Allison Borelli, Features Editor

A recent addition to Southern Lehigh’s High School cafeteria takes the form of approximately four ounces of flavored frozen yogurt. Various flavors of YoFresh Frozen Yogurt became available to students and staff on November 24.

“I implemented the addition, so I think it’s a great idea!” Coordinator of Food Services Gregory Martin said, “Seriously though, it’s a well-known brand, students crave new and exciting things, and unfortunately we are very limited in regard to what we can serve. Yofresh Frozen Yogurt just happens to be one of those things, but only certain flavors.”

The owners of a YoFresh store located in Allentown approached Martin with the idea. Other school districts have also started offering YoFresh Frozen Yogurt in their cafeterias, all for the same two-dollar selling price established by the YoFresh company. The price in yogurt dropped to one dollar before winter break to try to sell as much product as possible before the expiration date.

“I like the cappuccino [flavor]. My daughter likes the cookie dough one,” cafeteria worker Marilyn Price said.

While some students like and enjoy the new options, others have also expressed negative opinions.

“It’s boring. I don’t really like it that much,” sophomore Victoria Long said. “It just doesn’t taste fresh or anything, like a weird flavor.”

The lack  of flavors and variety among the frozen yogurt is due to USDA restrictions.

“Barring any new regulations from the USDA or the students just not purchasing it, we plan on offering the YoFresh Frozen Yogurt well into the future,” Martin said.