Aevidum Adapts to the Pandemic



Despite the challenges posed by current circumstances, Aevidum has remained steadfast in their goals and have adapted to new challenges posed by the pandemic.

Lorelei Reigle, Staff Reporter

Aevidum’s mission statement aims to care for the well-being of every student in Southern Lehigh and to create a welcoming atmosphere within the school building. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic limits physical proximity, the club has had to adapt in creating socially distant acts of kindness. In stark contrast to last year’s meetings, Aevidum has gone fully virtual with zoom being their only form of communication.

Despite this, the club’s members along with their staff advisors, assistant principal Ms. Jennifer Brinson and principal Mrs. Beth Guarrillo, continue to plan activities together and pursue their goals as a team. They simply had to change the way that they did it. 

“In general, Aevidum’s plans remain the same,” sophomore Kylie Baker said. “We want to focus on strengthening our school’s community and creating a positive atmosphere for everyone involved.”

In past years, the club reached out to organizations in the district to connect students with the community. Aevidum made blankets for students in need, collected food for the school food bank, packed food for families struggling in Africa, started a drive for cancer patients in the Lehigh Valley, and more. 

Although not being able to meet in person to work together has made some of service projects impossible, Aevidum members continue to host service projects remotely. This year alone they have already written thank you cards and done “reverse trick or treating” for the high school staff, as well as offering welcome messages for new students. 

Although things are different now with COVID-19 and all of the things happening recently, Aevidum still hopes to continue its journey of optimism and good will. The members genuinely care about others’ happiness and want to do anything possible to help. 

“Sometimes it’s packing lunches and supplies to those in need, or handing out encouraging messages or spending time with children or the elderly that can just brighten someone’s day,” senior Megan Albanese said. “In my opinion, there is no greater honor than making someone smile and feel less alone.”

It won’t be exactly the same as other years, of course, but the club does have many ideas for activities that they hope to do during this school year. Surely, this will be something pleasant to look forward to in these toilsome times. 

“Some of our plans are surprises,” Ms. Brinson said, “but the student body can count on Aevidum to be there for them, advocate for them, and be present with lots of great cheer and socially distanced open arms to welcome all.”