Mr. Cooperman a Familiar Face in the Math Department


Kelcie Wagner

Mr. Cooperman enjoys the greater variety of content in high school courses.

Kelcie Wagner, Staff Reporter

Students always wonder what their new teachers will be like, but this was not the case for some when math teacher Mr. Casey Cooperman transferred last year to Southern Lehigh High School from his previous position at the district’s intermediate school, where he taught for a number of years. 

Last year when middle school math teacher Mr. Andrew Baranak retired, Ms. Justina Viola transferred from the high school to the middle school to fill his position, and Mr. Cooperman had the opportunity to fill the math position at the high school. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

“I love teaching high school because there is a lot more content,” he said.

Mr. Cooperman has always aspired to be a teacher and a coach, and for good reason: it’s practically in his blood. Both of Mr. Cooperman’s grandfathers were teachers and coaches, as were his parents. 

“That’s all I ever knew of when I was younger,” he said.

Outside of school, he spends time with his wife and son at home. His wife is music teacher Mrs. Alexandra Cooperman who works at JPL Intermediate School where they met when Mr. Cooperman was teaching fourth grade. He even proposed to her at an assembly in front of the entire school. Since then, they got married and now have a one-year-old son named Nolan. 

At home, Mr. Cooperman likes to cook, sew, and make different DIY crafts with his cricut machine. He also has some goldfish, and likes to hang out with family and take day trips. 

When he is not at home or teaching, Mr. Cooperman coaches middle school football and varsity baseball. He also works as one of the assistant athletic directors to Mr. Marc Zimmerman, and helps out managing games. 

Mr. Cooperman wants to accomplish a lot in his time here at the high school and most of all help students learn.