Counseling Secretaries Guide Students to Services

The first people you see when you walk into the counseling office are guidance secretaries Mrs. Melody Davis and Mrs. Mandi Mowrey, ready to help with school related questions. 

Mrs. Davis is a proud 1976 graduate of Southern Lehigh, who has been working as a high school secretary ever since. Mrs. Mowrey graduated from Parkland High School, went to Lehigh Carbon Community College for two years, and then attended Penn State Lehigh Valley where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education. 

The two very much enjoy assisting students throughout the day and greatly missed doing so during the last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, when few if any kids walked through the guidance counseling office. Their biggest concern was that the students didn’t realize they had a guidance meeting, and Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Mowrey had trouble contacting them to put them on track due to so many students learning remotely for most or all of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Students might not realize that the guidance office is not only for academic support. If someone is having a rough day and simply needs to take a breather, there is a section in the back of the office that holds comfy chairs and a nice space for someone to relax. 

“If you break a nail and you’re upset about it, you can come see us!” Mrs. Davis said.

Students may visit the guidance office if they need assistance with registering for SAT or AP exams, need a tour of Southern Lehigh’s frequently used websites, such as Naviance or Sapphire, or simply have trouble with grades. Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Mowrey are often occupied with tasks such as answering emails and helping students set up meetings with their counselors.  

Transitioning to a new school is hard, and the guidance staff understands that. If you’re a new student, the counseling office can be one a helpful place. 

“The guidance office really helped me with understanding my schedule and welcomed me as a new student,” senior Angeline Tirado said. “They were my friendly transition into Southern Lehigh.”

Whether you’re a student who is feeling a bit lost, needs assistance on where to find something around the building, or is seeking academic help, the guidance counseling office is the place to go. The secretaries and counselors always look forward to helping new and old faces alike.  

The guidance staff as a whole is very thankful for the students, and always appreciates when the students are both cooperative and respectful. Mrs. Mowrey and Mrs. Davis say that a simple thank you can go a long way.