Summer a necessary recharge for teachers


Teachers are just as excited as students to be going on summer vacation.

Sophia Lycette, Staff Reporter

Summer is just around the corner. Students are counting down the minutes till that last bell rings, and their fourth block teacher says: “Have a great summer!” 

It may surprise some students to discover that teachers look forward to their summer break as much, or possibly, more than they do.

“Although I love teaching, I think I may be more excited for summer than some students,” English teacher Mrs. Kelly Howsare said. “Teaching can be very stressful and all-consuming, so it is nice to have summer to take your mind off all the requirements that accompany the daily grind of teaching.”  

Like students, teachers’ summer breaks allow them more leisure time, freeing them from the burden of planning every minute of an eight-hour school day.  It also gives them more time to spend with their own families.

“Summer is the only time it feels like we can relax all year long,” social studies teacher Dr. Katie Quartuch said. “It is also when I feel like I can finally give my own children the attention they deserve.” 

For teachers, relaxation is vital. They are eager to take advantage of the readily available opportunities to relax during the summer. 

“For me, summer is about sleeping in, the beach, and spending time with my family,” social studies Teacher Mr. Troy Ruch said. “Yes, I have a vacation planned; however, I am mostly excited to sit back and relax.”

While some love to kick back at home and soak in the warm weather, others plan thrilling vacations and pursuit of their hobbies, creating memories worth sharing with their students next year. 

“I travel a lot in the summer,” Spanish teacher Mrs. Alecia Deterville said. “I am planning to go to Puerto Rico, France, Ocean City, and Denver!” 

For most teachers, the glorious two months off  is time they look forward to, just like students. It allows them to relax and spend time with their families they don’t often get during the school year. 

“I spend a lot of time with my family, but we’re looking forward to traveling once again after 2 years of staying close to home because of COVID,” said Mr. Thomas Beaupre. “I’m happy to be going to Yellowstone with my wife and youngest son.”