Ms. Schiffer Joins the SLHS Staff


Kelcie Wagner

Mrs. Schiffer encouraging her students to work hard and do their best

Among many staffing changes at Southern Lehigh High School, this fall the social studies faculty welcomed Ms. Laura Schiffer to their department. Located in room 188, Ms. Schiffer is excited about the opportunity to teach at Southern Lehigh.

“I’ve always been impressed by the school district; the students are outstanding,” she said. “I really love the size of Southern Lehigh. I feel like it has a big school feel to it, but it’s still a smaller school.”

Ms. Schiffer is a 2011 graduate of East Stroudsburg University where she obtained a degree in political science and secondary social studies education. She then taught economics and social studies at Lehighton High School for nine years.

Ms. Schiffer also worked in the corporate world for several years. She unconventionally found her way to education by teaching summer camps, Sunday school, and horseback riding lessons. 

“I always felt I was a natural teacher,” she said. “It felt very natural to me.”

This year Ms. Schiffer had the opportunity to get involved in clubs such as Angel 34 and Student Council. Previously, she was the Student Council advisor at Lehighton for many years, so she was familiar with the process. Ms. Schiffer said she enjoys participating in different activities at school.

“It’s a great experience for me to see students outside of my classroom and being able to advocate, create policies, look at areas of improvement for the school,” she said. “We also put on some really fun events as well.”

Angel 34 is an organization that is very near and dear to Ms. Schiffer’s heart. Her daughter was diagnosed with pediatric cancer three years ago and Angel 34 supported her family. 

“When I had the opportunity to be involved with the student-run organization at Southern Lehigh, I was thrilled,” she said.

Outside of school Ms. Schiffer enjoys spending time with her seven-year-old daughter and her husband. She also enjoys competition horseback riding.

Ms. Schiffer is excited to see what her future holds at Southern Lehigh High School.