Xander Romendio has Musical Talent that needs to Shine


Xander Romendio

Xander Romendio has maintained a consistent style inspired by indie and alternative artists

Southern Lehigh has its fair share of musical talent, hosting multiple “Battle of the Bands” events over the past several years. While acts such as The Bassments and Hot Fuzz are well known and popular among Solehi students, there is a quieter, more sensitive presence in the SL music scene as well: The Tired Poets. While ostensibly a band, The Tired Poets consists of just one member. Senior Xander Romendio writes and records all of the band’s music alone in his bedroom.

He released his first single as The Tired Poets, “I’ll Find You By the Sea,” in August of 2021. He followed this with his EP (extended play) “The Sea” later that month, and has since released two more singles, “The Habit” and “Twin Suns.” Romendio plans to release his first LP (long play) in the coming months. 

Across these releases, Romendio has maintained a consistent style inspired by indie and alternative artists such as Death Cab for Cutie and Elliot Smith. While the style and themes of his work haven’t changed, Romendio says he has gained experience and confidence.

“I’m more comfortable with the process at this point. I don’t think [the LP is] artistically different,” Romendio said. “If it’s different in any way, I’d say it’s more mature than the EP was; I have a better handle on songwriting this time around.”

Romendio seems to have a clear vision for his work. The details, however, can be difficult to iron out. 

“[Writer’s block] comes in different ways. Sometimes it’s just writing melodies for the guitar, chords, different ways to combine that stuff,” he said. “Trying not to do the same thing twice is also something that I deal with on occasion.”

The technical aspects of music production can pose challenges as well. Recording and mixing are less glamorous than writing, but they are essential to a quality end product. 

“I don’t despise [mixing],” he said. “It’s just very difficult and time consuming.”

Romendio’s writing process typically begins with guitar chords or a vocal melody. The lyrics usually take more time to develop. 

“Lyrics are hard for me, but once I get them, I really get them,” he said. “I have to really feel what I’m trying to write and understand my own personal relationship with it.”

His lyrics tend to be very personal and emotional, often touching on themes of love, desire, regret, and discontent. Despite his professed difficulties with writing, Romendio has managed to craft many impactful lines. “Your Machine,” from the EP, features some of his most vulnerable lyrics.

“I don’t know why I can’t forget / the face you made when I left / I’m sorry my love / I’m sorry I wasn’t enough,” he said. 

Subjecting one’s work to the scrutiny of others is always hard, and music with such personal subject matter is especially difficult to release to the public. For Romendio, however, the art takes precedence over such fears.     

“I’m definitely anxious,” he said, “but also it’s my art, it’s my expression, so I’m comfortable expressing myself that way.”

That self-expression goes beyond the music and includes the name of the band itself. Romendio named his band The Tired Poets partially as a tongue-in-cheek rebellion against accusations of pompousness, and partially because he liked the image it evoked.   

“I always had this image of a tired and broken down man who sees the beauty in the world and is just tired of trying to capture it,” he said.

Romendio is clearly someone who sees the beauty in the world, but it does not seem as if he will tire of trying to capture it any time soon.