Singing for Sandy Hook

Olivia Reichley has her song

Olivia Reichly

Olivia Reichley has her song "Fly Away" on a CD dedicated to the Sandy Hook Victims.

Alex Baca, Staff Reporter

Sophomore Olivia Reichley is making her mark on Southern Lehigh as a rising singer.

“I always sang. I started singing when I could talk,” Reichley said. “I can’t even remember going a day without singing.”

Recently, because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Reichley wrote a song dedicated to the children who lost their lives. The song is called “Fly Away.”

“I wrote the song because well, to be honest I don’t know, I sat down on my piano one night and wrote,” Reichley said.  “What happened to the kids felt really sad to me, and I couldn’t really describe how sad it was to me.”

Because of the feedback she received, Olivia decided she wanted to publish the “Fly Away” on a CD, dedicated to the victims of the shooting. All the money will be donated to Newtown, Connecticut, specifically to the families of the tragedy.

Many people had strong reactions to the song. They felt sad about the song, but they especially felt sad about the terrible shooting that happened.

“I got responses that I made people cry,” Reichley said. “My mom wanted me to send this all over the place. My friends and family were very supportive of my singing. I wanted to get the word out, and I don’t want people to forget what happened to these little kids.”

You can find Olivia Reichley’s songs on YouTube under the account “Oliviagrace5sing.”