Spartan School Store is Ready for Business

Jordan Burt, Kaelee Rupell, and Anna Simoneau

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Whether you forgot a pencil, get really hungry, or just need some new apparel, now all those needs are met with the SL Spartan school store.

The Spartan school store is now open for business on days 3 and 6 of Spartan Block. The store is run by our own fellow classmates and business teachers who have all worked together to agree on products that they think the student body would like to purchase.

“The school had actually existed before but then had gone away,” business, computer, and information technology teacher Bonnie Organski said, “ We just decided to resurrect it and get it going again because we felt it was something we needed here.”

With any project you wonder if there is a willingness from others around. Ms. Organski reassured us of that saying as long as you have a good core with any project you do, people will participate. Mrs. JoAnn Peralta who is also a business, computer and information technology teacher is also a part of the Spartan school store.

“We have been working the entire first semester to get the store running,” Ms. Organski said, “ We have had steady sales since we have opened; i think it will be very successful with Mrs. Peralta’s business skills.”

“Not having a place to go and get supplies in the middle of the day was really annoying,” junior Ana Burris said, “I’d usually have to mooch off someone and then go to Staples later.”

Some items that are for sale in the school store include clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. The store also carries basic school supplies like pencils, highlighters, glues sticks, water bottles, and lanyards. If you get hungry, you can always stop down for the popular meat sticks and bottled water.

Any food that is sold through the school store does have to be approved by the administration and Mr. Martin who is in charge of the cafeteria’s and food in the district. “We have to be compliant and make sure it meets all regulations,” Ms. Organski said.

“I think that the school store is useful,” senior Will Osowski, “Because students can get things that they need.”

For anyone out there wondering if the school store is in any way affiliated with FBLA, that is a good question. It is not. The school store is it’s own separate entity that students can sign up for to help run. In the future Ms. Organski and Mrs. Peralta hope to have the school store set up so that students will have to go through an application process to work at the store. So if you are interested in business and would like to see how one is run, join the Spartan school store.

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