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AP Biology Students Compete in Biology Olympics

Mr. Edward Sinkler

Mr. Edward Sinkler

Ashley Jann, Staff Reporter

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On Friday, April 28, five AP Biology students competed in the Biology Olympics at Cedar Crest College. Juniors Elizabeth Belanger, Caitlin Farnsworth, and Holland Mittl, along with seniors Barry Sirard and Andrew Rochon, were selected to participate in the event. The rounds consisted of various matches, such as a team competitive question event, scavenger hunt, and individual subject tests.

“I selected these particular students because of their interest in biology and their involvement in the AP bio class,” science teacher Mr. Edward Sinkler said.

The Southern Lehigh team competed against 14 other schools from around the local area. The team placed top three in several individual subjects tests, with Belanger taking second place on the “cells and neurons” test and Mittl placing third on the “molecular biology and classical genetics” test. Southern Lehigh has previously won two third-place trophies and one second-place trophy.

“I felt that I was well-prepared,” Belanger said. “I did study for a bit to get ready.”

Southern Lehigh has attended the Biology Olympics since the competition began 35 years ago. The event is held at Cedar Crest College, and it is supported by the Department of Biological Sciences. The focus is not only on testing competitions, but also includes a presentation to advise underclassmen on college-focused decisions.

For the students who attended the event, it was an entertaining way to get out of school and put their knowledge to the test.

“I loved the food and the competitions were fun,” Sirard said. “It was cool meeting other science students from different schools.”

Mr. Sinkler plans to continue attending the Biology Olympics with the hope of taking home even more trophies.

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AP Biology Students Compete in Biology Olympics