Fashion Club struts into Southern Lehigh


Arden Glad

Fashion show participants and club officers show they aren’t camera shy.

From spirit days to Spartan Periods, the Southern Lehigh Fashion Club has already made their mark on Southern Lehigh High School. They partner with different clubs around the school as well as charities in the Lehigh Valley to create clothing exchanges and clothing drives to help the community.

During the winter, the Fashion Club decided to start a winter clothing drive and partnered with the Purple Heart Organization to give warm winter clothes to those in need. 

“We all just wanted to give back” senior Eliza Hieter said. “It was heartwarming to see everyone come together and share the warmth this winter.”

Eliza Hieter, the president, decided to start the fashion club after a discussion at lunch between her and the three other officers.

“We all love fashion, and we thought it would be a fun club addition for the school” she said.  “We all collectively thought there needed to be a creative outlet for student’s to express themselves.” 

Hieter had help from fellow seniors Kayla Lebby, Charlotte Heffelfinger, and Addison Matsumaura. Lebby is the Vice President, Heffelfinger is the treasurer, and Matsumaura is responsible for running the club’s social media accounts.

These four students, along with the rest of the fashion club committee, decided to create Southern Lehigh’s very first “Fashion Show,” held in the high school cafeteria on Friday evening, May 6.. Members of the club and other students  dressed up in outfits ranging from “Met Gala looks” to “What NOT to wear on a date” and strutted down the runway to show off their fashion to the audience who attended. 

The club raised over $400 from sales of tickets, snacks, and drinks. 

Junior Connor Licairac also promoted his new fashion line “Parcha Lirac” during the show and showed off a few pieces that he created as models walked down the runway sporting them. 

“After seeing old runway collections from Blumarine and Celine, I was inspired to create my own, and the fashion show was the perfect place to debut it,” Licairac said. 

Fashion Club advisor Mrs. Jennifer Wlodek is so proud of everything the students have accomplished and is excited to see what else they bring to the table next year. 

“These kids put so much time and effort into this club and I couldn’t be prouder of them” Mrs. Wlodek said. “It’s really amazing to see their process of planning an event and eventually executing it.”

As the year comes to an end, the leaders need someone to fill their shoes. Seniors Kaila Sexton and Laura Roney are the new president and vice president, respectively. Sophomore Maddie Psaila took Heffelfinger’s position as treasurer, and freshman Finola Hieter took Matsumaura’s position as social media officer. 

Even though this was Fashion Club’s first year at Southern Lehigh, they have the potential to make this something big, and the new leaders are ready for the challenge. 

“I am super excited for what next year has to bring,” Finola Heiter said. “We are going to have to work hard, but we have such an amazing group of people that we can do anything we put our minds to.”