SLHS Prom is back in business for 2022


Alex Kane

After 4 years, Southern Lehigh’s prom is hosted at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Elizabeth Vezenov, Staff Reporter

Prom is an event that many high school students tend to look forward to as they get older. For the first time in three years, Southern Lehigh juniors and seniors are eager to experience a traditional prom where they dress in their formal attire while enjoying an evening filled with music, food, and dancing. With such high expectations from the student body, the dedicated junior class officers Karansher Sidhu (President), Nathaniel Lycette (Vice President), Brandon Verna (Treasurer), and Eli Dunham (Secretary) worked hard to plan and organize the best prom experience for everyone to enjoy at the end of May.

“The fact that we get to have a normal prom is one of the greatest accomplishments,” said Sidhu, “considering it’s been three years since a normal prom.” 

Since Southern Lehigh hasn’t had a traditional prom since 2019 due to the pandemic, the turnout this year has reached an all-time high. The previous year’s restrictions have been lifted, attracting a large number of students in 2022.

“The turnout is more than it’s ever been, which is really exciting,” said Lycette.

Hosting such a big crowd requires a place that has a large enough capacity. The space, cost, and overall aesthetic were the key factors that led the junior class officers to select Bear Creek as the site of the 2022 Prom. There will be music provided by a DJ, and traditional comfort food such as mac and cheese and chicken at the beginning of the prom. 

“All the officers just love the space,” said Lycette. “It’s really nice and rustic.”

The junior class officers spent the last year organizing this event, gradually increasing the intensity of their planning and activity. Putting together a successful prom is the largest task of a class officer, requiring hard work and logistical skills to plan and execute the event they and other students want. However, when planning such a large event, encountering problems is inevitable, and it’s almost impossible for the planning process to run flawlessly.   

“Although it would’ve been nice to know the obstacles involved in planning beforehand, it’s all part of the learning process of being effective as a group,” said Sidhu.

  Even with a few issues along the way, the officers successfully managed to organize prom this year. They are excited and optimistic about the event, especially since this prom boasts the highest turnout in recent Southern Lehigh history. 

“We hope people come ready to dance and have fun,” said Lycette.