Southern Lehigh reestablishes Powder Puff after two years


Izzy Johnson

In the 2022 Powder Puff tournament, the freshman left the field victorious.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Southern Lehigh High School held an annual Powder Puff football tournament, where girls from different grades play against each other, and the high school football players coach them. Finally, this 2022 school year, students brought this tradition back to life. By incorporating all grades, the tournament makes for a hugely entertaining activity.

“The coaches did a good job and put in a lot of time and effort,” junior Genevieve Fry said. “They made us very confident in our spots.” 

The Powder Puff game is run in a tournament like style, where teams are eliminated after a loss. Those who win each game then play against each other, and that game determines the winner. 

This year, the freshman team unexpectedly took the lead and ended up winning the tournament. With persistence, they battled the seniors to obtain their first win. After winning that game, they played the sophomores, who previously beat the juniors, gaining a triumphant victory over them as well. 

I was shocked when we won the first game since I was doubtful that the freshman would win against the seniors,” freshman Zoe Vezenov said. “When we won the championship, I was so excited and happy!

To be successful, the different teams held a variety of practices to improve their skills and learn the plays. 

“The team aspect, like the pasta party and the practices, were the most fun,” junior Elizabeth Vezenov said. “We were really close as a team.”

In order to make the Powder Puff game occur smoothly, the Varsity Club and their advisor, Mr. Zeisloft, were heavily involved. The officers helped ensure that everything from signing up for games to providing the necessary equipment went well. 

“I liked the way it was run and organized,” sophomore Alexis Hoyer said. “I don’t think there is really anything that needs to be changed for next year.”

Powder Puff allows students to come together on the field and in the stands. Students show support for their grades by wearing the color of the team they are rooting for. Along with that, there were a variety of spectators, even beyond students at SLHS. 

“With the stadium renovations in place, we weren’t sure if we could actually have the event in the stadium, so we didn’t do a ton of advertising, ” Mr. Zeisloft said. “I think that as the event becomes more of a tradition each year, we will naturally get more students to come and support.”