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MiniTHON stands for the greater good of the kids

MiniTHON requires participants to stand for 12 hours to raise money for the Four Diamonds Foundation, a cancer research nonprofit.

MiniTHON is one of the largest clubs at Southern Lehigh High School. Many students participate in this club, bringing the whole student body together to raise money for the Four Diamonds Foundation, which helps fund cancer research and supports patients with pediatric cancer and their families with medical expenses.  

The motto of MiniTHON is “For the Kids” (FTK), which resembles MiniTHON’s goal in their fundraiser. Each year, the club raises money with their snack cart during Spartan periods leading up to the big event. 

This year, MiniTHON is being held on March 23rd from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Southern Lehigh High School students, faculty members, and community members will have the opportunity to be a part of this event. 

“People should go to MiniTHON because it is a great way to hang out with your friends, and it is really fun,” junior and club vice-president Marisa LaPadula says. “You also get to support an amazing cause at the same time.”

Everyone participating is eager to stand for 12 hours to raise money “For the Kids” by playing games, eating lots of food, dancing, participating in contests, and having fun with each other. 

Southern Lehigh’s newest assistant principal, Mrs. Melissa Petronio is looking forward to attending her first-ever MiniTHON.

“I’ve never experienced MiniTHON in my prior school, so I’m excited to go to this event and learn more about what it all entails,” Mrs. Petronio says.

Each one of the students involved in MiniTHON has a genuine passion for raising money “For the Kids.” Their passion and drive for raising money for such an important organization is unmatched. 

“I THON for the kids that can’t really THON for themselves and their families because they all go through a lot,” junior and club president Alexis Hoyer said. “I want to make sure they have a smoother process going through it, so they don’t have to worry about any medical bills or anything like that…. I just want to make it easier for them.”

Each person may THON for a different reason or purpose, but the end goal of THON is raising money for a good cause to save a child’s life. 

“My neighbor had cancer for a long time, so I THON for her and the kids, of course,” LaPadula says.

The Southern Lehigh MiniTHON has immense support from not just the club members but also the community, other students from the student body, and faculty members.

Come out and enjoy a day full of exciting festivities with your friends and support a fantastic cause simultaneously.

About the Contributor
Nicole Zweifel
Nicole Zweifel, Staff Reporter
Throughout her last four years at Southern Lehigh, senior Nicole Zweifel has played a vital role in Southern Lehigh’s three publications. She served for two years as co-president of the Art and Literary Club which produces the annual Art and Literary Magazine, collaborated as a member of the Solehian yearbook staff, and reported for the Spotlight student newspaper during her senior year. “In our publications, we’re always working toward an end goal, and it was cool being able to see the end product of all the work we put into writing, reporting, editing, and making pages,” Zweifel said.  In fact, of all the teachers that Nicole has had in high school, there was one in particular that left the strongest impression: Mrs. Sheryl Ciotti, who served as the advisor for the Art and Lit Magazine. “Mrs. Ciotti has been a teacher in all aspects of my life,” Zweifel said. “She has always been very encouraging to me, and I made great memories with her through Art and Lit.” Naturally, Nicole’s favorite article to write for the Spotlight this year was “Farewell to Mrs. Ciotti, hello to Mrs. Fox,” which commemorated Mrs. Sheryl Ciotti’s time at Southern Lehigh High School before transferring to the district’s middle school, and introduced Mrs. Ella Fox as the high school’s newest English teacher.  Additionally, Nicole’s step-sister, who works as an environmental lawyer, has served as an irreplaceable role model in Nicole’s life by being supportive and influencing Nicole to have a strong work ethic.  As she reflects on the last four years, Zweifel notes that some of her favorite high school memories include attending pep rallies and Art and Literary Club Coffee Houses. “These were really fun experiences where we got to rally around each other as a community and see people’s talents shine in a supportive environment,” Zweifel said. After graduating, Zweifel plans to attend Northampton Community College and then continue her education at a university to study psychology with a focus on rehabilitation and human services. She found that after taking psychology in her junior year with social studies teacher Mr. Troy Ruch, she enjoyed learning about the brain and the complexities of human interactions.  “I think a career in which I am able to help other people would be very fulfilling,” Zweifel said.  Nicole dreams of going on a missionary experience with her church while traveling the world. She has also expressed interest in writing a book. “I just want to help others and serve my community,” she said. To underclassmen, Nicole leaves one last piece of advice. “Keep trying and never give up, because giving up will get you nowhere in life, and trying will at least get you somewhere.”