Harlem Shake: Internet Sensation or Outdated Fad?



The Harlem Shake as performed by students in Cambridge, UK.

Anna Simoneau, Staff Reporter

The Harlem Shake, a viral video that has spread throughout the internet recently, has inspired many parodies all around the world.  But, has it passed its peak?

Originally, five teenagers from Australia called The Sunny Coast Skate started the dance, using the first few seconds of the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer. While playing the song, they dressed in strange costumes and danced erratically for 15 seconds after the bass dropped.

This video was then shared throughout the internet and, by mid February, was a full on internet sensation.  At its peak, thousands of parodies were uploaded to YouTube every day.  This has gotten to the point where the internet is flooded with Harlem Shake videos and it has become overwhelming.

So has this internet phenomenon run its course? In my opinion, it has.  Every few months, another viral video rampages through the internet.  It’s funny at first, but after the first million parodies, it starts to get annoying.  When people like the hosts of “The Today Show” and the “Norwegian Army” are making parodies, you know it’s gone too far.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.  When I talked to fellow students, almost all of them sided against the overdone relic.

“I never really understood the concept to be honest,” junior Tessa Brennan said. “I mean, some videos I’ve seen of it I like, [and] others are just kinda stupid.”

Others have remained blissfully blind to this dying fad.

“Yeah, I think its outdated,” junior Lauren Trumbull said.  “I’m kinda indifferent cause I never really watched them.”

Despite this adversity, some students have found good things about the Harlem Shake.

“I guess I like the washing machine one,” junior Kira Sullivan said.

Sullivan was referring to a Harlem Shake parody where, instead of dancing after the bass drops, someone throws a brick into a running washing machine. This may be the only good Harlem Shake. I think everybody can take enjoyment in the blatant destruction of innocent household appliances.

In the end, the Harlem Shake has gotten on everyone’s last nerve.  The best thing for it to do now is finish its 15 minutes of fame, and get out of the spotlight.