Minecraft: Fun Game or Educational Tool?

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Minecraft: Fun Game or Educational Tool?

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Minecraft has been growing in popularity not only in homes but also in schools, where it is being used for educational purposes.  This computer game should be used at Southern Lehigh classrooms as a learning tool.

“I think there is great potential for the use of Minecraft in the classroom,” Mr. Ken Jordan, Director of Elementary Education and Instructional Technology, said. “It can serve as a learning tool in math, science, or even the humanities.”

Several teachers like the idea of using the game, as long as the students remain on task.

“I really enjoy using Minecraft in the classroom,” learning support teacher Mr. David Dougherty said. “I find it engaging and it works in an area familiar to students.”

MinecraftEdu.com owner Santeri Koivisto offers schools the chance to buy and use Minecraft at a less expensive price. In addition to the price cut, MinecraftEdu offers custom versions, easy-to-use-software, and world building tools, among other options, in an effort to help make Minecraft a more ideal educational tool.

“I think the applications are only limited by our own imagination,” English teacher Ms. Kate Schartel said.

Minecraft is a fun video game with beneficial educational purposes that will capture the attention of many students. Using Minecraft at Southern Lehigh should be implemented as a way to educate students in an interactive and effective way.

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