Where Are They Now? Above the Mendoza

Danielle Alpert, Center Spread Editor

Many students and faculty at Southern Lehigh may be familiar with Above the Mendoza, the second band that delivered an exhilarating performance at Mini-THON on March 25, but some may not know that three of the five band members actually graduated from Southern Lehigh in 2010 and 2014. Above the Mendoza consists of brothers Pete and Aaron Long, Tyler Fernandez, Kevin Irvine, and Brian Horn. Peter Long, Aaron Long, and Horn are Southern Lehigh alumni.

Recently, Radio 104.5 played one of Above the Mendoza’s original songs, “House Special 2,” on their new music discovery show. The band revealed that the song is actually about the Coopersburg Diner, and its title refers to a meal that can be ordered there.

“It’s hard to put into words what I’m feeling and thinking, but if I had to, I would describe it as surreal,” Aaron Long said. “It’s very exciting to hear a song that started in my basement played on a real radio station.”


Pete Long

Pete Long has loved music ever since he was little, and he always wanted to be in a band. Ever since he went to his first Warped Tour in fourth grade, he knew music was what he wanted to do.

In high school, Pete Long pitched for the Southern Lehigh baseball team for four years and played on the basketball team for three years. He proved to be both athletically and musically talented, and played in a different band with his brother, Aaron Long, Horn, and another student.

“I remember Pete was always laid back and in a good mood. He always seemed like he was comfortable just being himself,” social studies teacher Mr. Thomas Beaupre said. “I also remember being so impressed when I found how talented he was as a musician and how much of a showman he was on stage, because as a student he was generally pretty quiet. Until I saw him play with his band for Jamalot the first year, I just never would have thought of him in that role. It was quite a pleasant surprise.”


Aaron Long

“I’ve always had a passion for music. I’ve been playing music since fourth grade,” Aaron Long said. “But I have to say, when I heard Green Day and Blink 182 for the first time, you couldn’t talk me out of it. I thought, and still think, that they are the coolest dudes in the world, and I want to be just like them.”

Like his brother, Aaron Long was on the baseball team for all four years of high school. He also played the trumpet in band and orchestra, and he took part in the musical junior and senior year.

Throughout his music career, Aaron Long has figured out one of the hardest lessons in life, which is to not let others dictate your life.

“People are always going to be in your ear about decisions you make, how you choose to spend your time, and what they think you should be doing with your life,” he said. “Don’t let that get in the way of your vision and your dreams.”


Brian Horn

Along with being in a band with the Longs while in high school, Horn was also a part of band, marching band, orchestra, and theater, and a manager for the girls’ lacrosse team.

“Brian was usually good for a laugh, or several, in class. He was extremely energetic and engaging,” Spanish teacher Joan Imms said. “He was also really easy to get along with and loved to talk about music. Even then, he was really dedicated to playing music and it was a definite priority in his life.”

Horn loves spending time with his band mates, especially when they are writing and performing music.

“We form a brotherly relationship with each other since we are all a bunch of clowns,” he said. “Almost everything we do is filled with laughter.”

Future Plans

Above the Mendoza aims to continue playing music and touring, and they hope to get signed so they can make music for a living. They are scheduled to perform at Southern Lehigh’s prom this year on May 13.