Where Are They Now? Jacob Boyer

Boyer attended Southern Lehigh from 2010 to 2014.

Kishore Annambholta

Boyer attended Southern Lehigh from 2010 to 2014.

Kishore Annambhotla, Entertainment and Our World Editor

As a senior at Southern Lehigh High School, Jacob Boyer had big plans for his future. His goal? Make a theatrical film and establish himself in the movie-making industry. Over seven years have passed, and this 2014 graduate has instead gone in a slightly different direction: television.

Boyer has been directing, shooting, and writing productions for nearly a decade. He served as Video Editor for the Southern Lehigh Spotlight, directed plays for the Sunshine Players Theatre Group, and shot episodes for “Overexposed,” Kutztown University’s campus show. According to Boyer, this portfolio diversification showed him the importance of networking in video production.

“In media production, meeting and becoming friends is an essential part of the job. Being open to new people and new experiences is just a natural type of progression in media production,” Boyer said, “You won’t grow in your bubble.”

To graduate from Kutztown in 2018, Boyer had to complete an internship totaling 400 hours. He selected an internship at the PBS39 station in Bethlehem. The choice was simple, but turned out to be critical in shaping his path.

“I picked PBS because it was close, and I thought it paid well. It didn’t.” Boyer said, “Getting the job at PBS was part of the graduation requirement, but then during the course of that, one of their editors quit and they promoted me after giving me some piecemeal assignments to test me.”

Boyer was promoted to Freelance Production Assistant, a position in which he served for one year. Then, in September 2019, his boss approached him with the opportunity of a lifetime: to direct a TV show.

That show was “Counter Culture,” a talk show hosted by Grover Silcox in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. Throughout each half-hour episode, Silcox talks with various fascinating locals in the cozy environment of Daddypops Diner.

“[‘Counter Culture’] was mostly born out of Grover Silcox’s interesting friends. He wanted a venue to interview them and reach out to other local interesting people,” Boyer said. “I joined because our full-time director was stretched and didn’t have time to focus. They said, ‘Jacob has experience, let’s give him shows to do.’ I kind of lucked into it.”

In August 2021, after the fifth season of “Counter Culture” concluded, the show was nominated for Interview/Discussion (Single Program) at the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards. Boyer was understandably thrilled, but knew to temper his expectations after falling short of the prize in 2019. Fortunately for him, the good news came just a month later: “Counter Culture” had won a regional Emmy award.

“When they announced that ‘Counter Culture’ had won the award for ‘Best Interview/Discussion (Single Program)’, I was filled with excitement and joy,” Boyer said. “Everyone was overjoyed when I went back into work the following day, and all I could do was think of how thankful I was to work with such wonderful people.”

Boyer has come far since graduating from Southern Lehigh, but it hasn’t always been easy. Reflecting on his path, he explained how his reserved nature clashed with the hypersocial video production industry.

“I consider myself to be a very introverted person, so it’s difficult for me to be that person that’s very outgoing, and it’s difficult for me to be that person who is friendly and ready to reach out,” Boyer said, “But the people skills are very important, and honing them is probably my biggest challenge.”

Now an esteemed SLHS alum, Boyer understands what it takes to excel in school, work, and life. In his eyes, expanding your circle and growing as a person are vital to success.

“Speaking from my own experience, people admire the person who can do everything,” he said, “Being in a bubble only gets you so far. You have to reach out, you have to get help from more knowledgeable people, and you have to find like-minded people.”