Southern Lehigh Graduate Opens New Coffee Shop on Main Street in Coopersburg


Haley Hendricks

The grand opening of Jaquelyn’s on Main is generating excitement among community members looking for more things do in Coopersburg.

A new coffee shop called Jaquelyn’s on Main is celebrating its grand opening this April in Coopersburg. The owner, 25-year-old Jaquelyn Hall-Yurasits, will be selling sweets, coffee, light breakfast items, salads, cold-cut sandwiches, and much more. 

Her pink, beige, and white sign, displaying a coffee cup and slice of cake, sits outside of what used to be the taproom for Sage Alley and, prior to that, the Critter Corral. 

Hall-Yurasits is a born-and-raised Coopersburg local. She attended Southern Lehigh High School and was taught by some of our beloved teachers, including the Spotlight’s very own adviser Mrs. Marlo Spritzer who taught her Honors English 12 class. 

“I grew up here. I went to Southern Lehigh. [The community had] a lot of potential, so I wanted to create a downtown [location],” Hall-Yurasits said. 

Hall-Yurasits went to college at Penn State University to study corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. After graduation, she started her business in the Trolley Barn and stayed there for almost two years. Having grown up in her mother’s restaurant, she had already become comfortable and confident with pursuing one of her own. 

“[My family] are all workaholics. Both my parents own their own businesses,” Hall-Yurasits said. “My parents are incredibly supportive, [and] I have a brother who is helping get all my machines and stuff hooked up.”

The transition to Main Street from the Trolley Barn was fairly easy, since she already had the experience of creating a business.

 “It was just expanding really,” she said. “There’s always challenges, of course, but I’m offering a lot more than I do now, so that will be the biggest challenge. I enjoy the challenge.”

You can expect the new coffee shop to be filled with personality. It’s going to have a more rustic and country look. All the drinks on the menu will also be named after “oldies,” as it’s her favorite genre of music. 

“I think that’s very clever, [and] that fact is enough to get me in the door because I’m curious to see the names and how she connects them,” said Southern Lehigh English teacher Mr. Joseph Castagna, a coffee enthusiast and former teacher of Hall-Yurasits.

Multiple locals are thrilled with the news that a coffee shop is opening downtown. Many can agree that this shop adds to the sense of community, bringing people a place to gather and spend time together. A great addition to the Coopersburg borough, it’s something that a lot of people have been wanting for a long time. Right now, all you see walking down Main Street are tax buildings, offices, hair salons, and a cluster of restaurants all on a corner. Jaquelyn’s on Main should bring something pleasurable for the people who live here. 

“I think it’s a good thing because the borough and the surrounding area is growing, and I think [this new business] will be a good asset,” community member Lana Snyder said.

  Outside of work, Hall-Yurasits enjoys painting, doing yard work, and spending time outside. However, her primary focus is working, prioritizing her businesses, and engaging with the community.

Widespread support has made its way to Hall-Yurasits in recent weeks, mostly from community members, friends, and family.

“There’s so many people who have been messaging me, that are so excited,” she said, “and it just makes me super excited to be here.”