DIY Stylists Dominate Hair Trends in Quarantine

Hair trends are surfacing all over social media due to salon closures.

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Hair trends are surfacing all over social media due to salon closures.

Noelle Nelson, Entertainment Editor

Recently, many people have decided to take it upon themselves to DIY their hair at home, whether it be dying their hair a new color or chopping it all off. The question is…what inspired such widespread experimentation with hair? Due to social distancing, salons are closed, making it impossible for people to come in for their cut or color.


“I think that people are stuck at home and bored and looking for something fun to do,” junior Megan Albanese said. “Since people aren’t meeting up with anyone, there isn’t any need to worry about what would happen if you mess up or you end up not liking it.”


In a recent study by Hair Rx, 68% of women are unhappy with their hair. If most women hate their hair, it only makes sense to see an increased change in appearance when people are in quarantine.


“I think people are changing their hair during quarantine because they are bored and they know no one will see them because they are no longer worried about being judged for their hairstyles,” junior Kayla Howie said. “For example, a lot of people are dying their hair but not normal colors; people are dying their hair green and bright pink. It’s been interesting for me for sure, but I do know some people who have been able to pull it off.”


Beyond the simple touch-ups, recent trends have taken cutting and coloring your hair to new levels. Through the internet and social media, many trends for transforming hair have gone viral. Some of these include: shaving heads, emo-style hair color, neon hair, bleached hair, rainbow hair, and more. 


To parallel this transformation in appearance, many hair stylists, including Brad Mondo and Sam Villa Hair Tutorials, are releasing tutorials of proper techniques to DIY hair at home on YouTube. Hair stylists still want people to look good during quarantine. After this situation, they know the salons will be flooded by people who need their hair fixed, and they want to see as little damage as possible.


With all the craziness that has happened in 2020, having some change in our lives might be the best idea. There has been so much negativity that cutting off or changing the hair that’s filled with negative feelings may give society a fresher, more positive outlook. Being at home may not be our favorite thing, but we certainly can use this time for personal growth, especially with our hair.