Yours, Anonymous

Yours, Anonymous

3 Comrads Productions

Grace Reichard, Staff Reporter

Southern Lehigh junior Jacob Boyer has begun the production of his new film, “Yours Anonymous,” that will be based primarily at the high school and aims to send a positive moral message to viewers.

“Yours Anonymous” follows the story of a prank gone wrong on a boy who loved a girl in another social clique, the storyline of which was taken from that of a mock trial.

“I was just thinking about Mr. Orr and the mock trials and all that, and his book,” said junior Jacob Boyer, “and I just thought it would be a cool idea to turn into a script or a movie and we’ve been emailing for about a year.”

Many remember Mr. Orr’s mock trials from the eighth grade,  where students were able to partake in the legal proceedings that go into the actuality of the trial. The movie that Jacob is producing focuses particularly on this.

“The movie is done a year after the fact of this girl that is interviewing the students and trying to figure out exactly what happened” said Jacob Boyer.

Two audition rounds have already taken place. The movie is set to be filmed over the summer and will begin the editing process in the fall. It is expected to release in the fall or early winter of 2013.