SL Varsity Football Bounces Back After Slow Start


SL Newspaper

Spartans supporting their teammates from the sidelines.

Arden Glad, Sports and Web Editor

After half a dozen early season losses, Southern Lehigh finally grabbed a mid-season win over Saucon Valley, and continued their winning streak through the rest of the regular season, ending with a 4-6 record and securing a spot in the district playoffs. 

The Spartans endured a rocky start to the season as they pushed through hard to beat teams in the Schuylkill League. Sophomore James Wisecarver, the quarterback for the Spartans, had a lot of pressure on him this fall compared to last year. 

“We had a lot more numbers last season, [and] most kids on the team aren’t as experienced with the tough competition,” he said. “We need to stop blaming others because at the end of the day we lost as a team.” 

As the players entered this season, they faced a number of changes. They have a new coaching staff and now run a different offensive playbook than they did in the previous years, which was a difficult adjustment. 

“We are still getting used to the plays and the new playbook,” Wisecarver said. “We are all working together, and the team has really stepped up to put in the effort.”

The Spartans recently switched up their whole defense as well, changing it from a 4-3 front to a 4-4, meaning they had 4 defensive lineman with 3 linebackers and 4 coverage defensive backs, but flipped it to 4 defensive lineman with 4 linebackers and 3 defensive backs. 

Moving forward, the Spartans are focusing a lot more on working together to prepare for what’s to come and keeping a clear mind as they step out onto that field. 

“Watching film really helps us get a head start on what plays we are going to run,” senior varsity starter Blaze Curry said. “We just need to keep our heads down and focus on the goal.” 

A fourth-year player for the Spartans, Curry tackled the positions of defensive end, running back, and fullback this season with the goal of making it to the playoffs before the end of his final high school football season. 

When it’s all over, Curry said he will miss his teammates the most. 

“We have been through so much together and battled through this season,” he said. “I’m gonna miss the rush high school football gives; the band playing and the student section cheering is something I’ll never forget.”