Girls lacrosse hustles for the gold this season


Natalie Fauzio

The team huddles together to create strategies on their next move.

After winning the 2021 PIAA District XI championship, the Southern Lehigh girls lacrosse team hopes to continue dominating the field and repeat as champions. Their hopes are set sky-high, but the ultimate goal is not out of reach for these hard-working and dedicated athletes.

“Our team’s goals are to win as many games as last year, so sixteen, win a fifth district title here at Southern Lehigh, and hopefully win one game or more in the state tournament,” said varsity girls lacrosse coach, Kevin Cain. 

This is Coach Kevin’s fifth season as the head varsity coach at Southern Lehigh. He started coaching at the girls youth level because he was interested in volunteering and contributing his lacrosse knowledge.

The girls lacrosse team has proven itself to be a talented team filled with motivated athletes who aim for a repeat of their past success. All the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice are well worth bringing home a district trophy at the end of spring. However, there are several obstacles the team must overcome.

“We have around fifty girls, so at times it’s not easy dealing with that, especially for the coaches,” said sophomore Sydney King.

Due to a large number of players on the team, managing and planning out games, practices, and team events can be difficult. Coaches have to account for every player to make sure playing time is distributed effectively throughout the team. Nevertheless, an advantage of having so many team members is being able to exchange players continuously during a game as people get tired. 

Even with being so considerable in size, the team closely bonds both on and off the field during pasta parties, bus rides, and games to create an energetic and inclusive atmosphere for all grades.

“We have varsity starters from every class,”  said senior Iris Gluck. “We have two freshmen, two sophomores, five juniors, and three senior starters.”

This is an incredibly beneficial aspect of the program because underclassmen can experience the intensity of playing on the varsity level and develop their skills early to continue a competitive and successful team in the future.

“Our biggest goal is to win Districts,” said Gluck. “We won last year, and it would be amazing to win back-to-back district champs.” 

Due to spring being such an exciting time of the school year with graduation and the end of school coming up, staying focused through the grind will be a challenge, especially when playing against competitive teams like Central, Easton, and Emmaus. These girls enjoy the process of striving for their goals together.