SLHS boys’ soccer snatches keys to victory


Julia Finney

Sophomore Andrew Thomas celebrates after scoring a goal for the soccer team.

Sophia Lycette, Sports Editor

With the fall sports season well underway, the Southern Lehigh High School boys’ soccer team has made it clear that they are here to stay. 

The team has worked together and put their leadership to the test, bringing their season record to an impressive 10–1–6, where both strong defense and offense were represented. 

“Last year, we lost key role models for our team,” junior Chris Venezia said. “However, our senior captains this year, Jack Johnson, Ethan Hoang, and Landon Bealer, have all stepped up to the plate and are actually teaching others how to become leaders for next year.”

With the smooth transition of new leaders, the team is playing strong and is expecting to do great things throughout the rest of this season. Each player is committed to focusing on their opponents and showing their best efforts on the field. 

“Northwestern is our biggest rival, but we are doing our best to prepare and see them in the playoffs,” senior Jack Johnson said. “Every day, we are preparing for the playoffs, though we know we will be ready when the time comes.”

Even though leadership and perseverance have launched enthusiasm into this season, the Spartans recognize that to bring future victories home,  it is crucial to mentor the JV team.

“Southern Lehigh places a huge emphasis on upper-level students being mentors for the JV team,” senior Ethan Hoang said. “This development is a huge part of Southern Lehigh’s many years of success.” 

Developing the soccer team as one community has put Southern Lehigh steps ahead of other schools, and the Spartans hope it will be enough for them to win the league tournament. Every player on the soccer team participates because of their love for the sport, but better yet, they love the people involved.   

“We are a family,” junior Will Wenrich said. “Family on me…family on three…one, two, three, family!”