Southern Lehigh rallies a new swim spartan: assistant coach, Mrs. Moncman


Grace Hoyer

Photo of swim coach Katie Steele and new coach Kim Moncman.

With the swim season getting underway, the Southern Lehigh Spartans look forward to meeting their new assistant coach, Mrs. Kim Moncman, with high hopes that she will be a new spark of guidance for their team.

 “This is my third year of being part of the swim team, and I am really excited to meet our new assistant coach because I have only heard good things about her,” junior Genevieve Fry said. 

Coach Moncman, who is also a Southern Lehigh parent, believed coaching swim was a part of her past; however, when the Southern Lehigh administration contacted her about the position, she realized it might be the perfect opportunity. 

 “I have been coaching on and off since 1992,” Coach Moncman said. “Since I will be empty nesting next year and need something to occupy my time… I am excited to be back on deck with the kids.” 

 As the swimmers begin to gear up for the season, students claim that the new coach could help propel the team in more ways than one. 

“I am very thrilled to be a part of this team,” junior Elizabeth Vezenov said. “I think with a new assistant coach coming, it will be a great additional tool to help unlock our team’s full potential.” 

Practices for the swim team have begun, and the team is already learning a lot about Coach Moncman. For her, it has been a special opportunity to work with her new students and rekindle her relationships with previous ones. 

“It was sort of a homecoming since I had coached almost half the team at SOLECO in the summers,” Coach Moncman said. “Some of these kids were eight and under when I started working with them…now to see them all grown up…it is so rewarding.” 

The new coach takes pride and shows that she cares about the progress and well-being of her students. The positive attitude she propels to her team, only inspires her students to have even bigger ambitions. 

“Our goal, I believe, as coaches is the hope that we can get as many kids to the state competition as possible,” Coach Moncman said, “and they reach their best times by the end of the season.”

As the new coach slid right into the well-bonded team, she knew “this seemed like the perfect fit.”