Spartan Spirit!

Ashley Jann, Staff Reporter

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Monday: Pajama Day

Students hopped out of bed and came straight to school on this day! As long as their pjs were within the school dress code, students had the chance to wear them within the classrooms. Some people went all out on this spirit day, wearing full pajamas, a sleeping mask, and even stuffed animals that can be used as pillows.

Tuesday: College Apparel and Hat Day

Have a favorite college or college team? Do you even just own a hat? Then you most likely enjoyed this day. Students participated in this spirit day because most own at least one piece of college clothing or fun hat. So students came out and showed some pride for future schools!

Wednesday: One Color Day

This year the colors for each grade were: seniors – black, juniors – green, sophomores – gray, freshmen – pink, and teachers – orange. This allows the students to clearly show their class ranking.

Thursday: Dress like a Teacher Day

This is a new spirit day for all of the grades involved. It hasn’t been done since 2011, so it was exciting to witness all the interesting student and teacher swaps. Students dressed more formally in button-up shirts, nice slacks, and maybe even a tie. On the opposing side, teachers dressed down for the day, wearing simple jeans and t-shirts.

Friday: Blue and White Day

As the last day of spirit week, students wear their Spartan colors to show their school pride. They can either wear school-designed shirts and sweatshirts, or blue, white, and orange colors.

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