Bromances and Womances: Mrs. Sheryl Ciotti and Mrs. Kelly Howsare

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Bromances and Womances: Mrs. Sheryl Ciotti and Mrs. Kelly Howsare

Ben Baca, Staff Reporter

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English classes are constantly filled with dynamic duos in literature; Frodo and Sam in “The Lord of the Rings,” Hamlet and Horatio in “Hamlet,” Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” But what about the duos that transcend the page? Look no further than the womance between English teachers Mrs. Sheryl Ciotti and Mrs. Kelly Howsare.


The Spotlight: How did you meet?


Mrs. Ciotti: I met Mrs. Howsare in 2000, after having worked at Southern Lehigh for a year. We were both new to the district, so we were able to guide each other through some of the challenges new teachers face.

Mrs. Howsare: When I was hired at SLHS in 2000, Mrs. Ciotti had already worked here for a year. Although we were friendly immediately, our close friendship took time to develop.


The Spotlight: Did your friendship begin immediately or did it develop later on?


Mrs. Ciotti: We became friendly that first year of meeting, but our friendship has grown tremendously since then. With each year, we realized how much we had in common. Now, we are practically inseparable.

Mrs. Howsare: Our friendship has gotten stronger over the years. I cannot remember the year that we really became close.


The Spotlight: How has your friendship evolved over the years?


Mrs. Howsare: We used to just be together occasionally at school. Now it seems like we are always together. We have our Prep period together on Even days, so we are usually together then. Also, we do hang out occasionally outside of school. We used to attend an exercise class together. On Inservice days, we go out for lunch together, along with Ms. Viola, Mrs. Tocci, and Mrs. Spritzer. We also like going for afternoon coffee at the Promenade with Ms. Viola when we can.

Mrs. Ciotti: In the beginning of our friendship, we spent time together primarily at school during meetings and lunch. Over the years, we recognized that we enjoyed each other’s company and would meet both inside and outside of school. A few years ago, we began teaching the same course, so as a result we started meeting more frequently to plan. We now get together before school, during prep period, while eating lunch, and after school. We love to go out for coffee, shopping, dinner, movies, etc. Our friendship has grown stronger over the years that when one of us is not in school we feel a void. I don’t know what I will do when she retires before me.


The Spotlight: What do you two have in common? How are you different?


Mrs. Howsare: I hope this doesn’t sound too arrogant, but I think that we are both conscientious, organized, responsible, dedicated teachers, as well as caring women. We both tend to worry about things too much and over analyze things. We have similar likes and values. Our personalities do differ, however. My personality tends to be more practical and reclusive, where Mrs. Ciotti’s is more free-spirited and social.

Mrs. Ciotti: We both enjoy the arts. We also have similar likes, as we love to read, write, talk, draw, shop, eat, etc. Mrs. Howsare is extremely compassionate and conscientious. She is more of a realist, whereas I am an idealist. When my head gets a bit too high in the clouds, she brings me back to earth.


The Spotlight: What’s your favorite thing about the other person? What’s your least favorite thing?


Mrs. Howsare: I have many favorites about Mrs. Ciotti. She is organized, responsible, conscientious, dedicated, and sensitive. In addition, she is very kind, sweet, and thoughtful. If I am feeling sad for any reason or having trouble with something, she is someone that will comfort and advise me. She is also nice to everyone, and she wants people to feel comfortable. Sometimes, we have disagreements about our teaching activities. Usually, I like to just get through the material. Mrs. Ciotti likes to do activities and projects with the students, so they can enjoy the learning process.

Mrs. Ciotti: There are so many qualities I love about Mrs. Howsare. She is very honest, intelligent, dependable, practical, thoughtful, and kind. I can count on Mrs. Howsare whenever I need someone to listen, whether it is about school or life. Mrs. Howsare is quite fashionable. I try to emulate her style. I love Twin Day for that reason! Sometimes, we disagree about how to approach our units, but that is where our personalities differ, and why I end up loving Mrs. Howsare even more. As I said before, I am an idealist. I often think the unthinkable can be accomplished. I also tend to be a perfectionist. Mrs. Howsare is more of a realist. She keeps me grounded.


The Spotlight: What are the key elements of your friendship?


Mrs. Howsare: Trust: I feel that I can tell Mrs. Ciotti anything, and I am confident that she will keep it confidential. Honesty: I feel that I can be myself with her. I don’t have to hide my true feelings. Fun-loving: Mrs. Ciotti is always up for enjoying herself. Helpful: Mrs. Ciotti is very willing to help me with any school-related or personal questions that I have.

Mrs. Ciotti: We are both dependable. I can count on Mrs. Howsare to be there for me when I need help. I know I can talk to her about anything, and she knows I will lend an ear as well. We have encountered countless times where we have needed to lean on one another. Mrs. Howsare has gone above and beyond for me, in both my school and my personal life. We are also both trustworthy. When I want an honest opinion, I can turn to Mrs. Howsare for the truth. We feel confident and comfortable with one another.

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