Bromances and Womances: Senorita Jessica Swartz and Madame Kaytlyn Byers

Ashley Jann, Staff Reporter

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With their classic “womance”, you will most likely find Senorita Jessica Swartz and Madame Kaytlyn Byers standing between their neighboring rooms, with cheerful laughing and chatting. From traveling the world to slightly grumpy morning conversations, these two women have grown closer since their first meeting.


The Spotlight: How did you meet?

Srta. Swartz: I’m pretty sure it was Madame’s first day.


Madame Byers: Yes, it was my first day starting here.


The Spotlight: Did your friendship begin immediately, or did it develop later on?

Srta. Swartz: We got along immediately, but became better friends over time.


Madame Byers: Probably when we went to Ireland together, we grew closer.


The Spotlight: How has your friendship evolved over the years?

Srta. Swartz: We’re still friends; we have a lot in common. She keeps track of my life and tells me what I have on my schedule.


Madame Byers: We’ve traveled a lot together, share interests, and I’m also the mom.


The Spotlight: What do you two have in common? How are you different?

Srta. Swartz: I hate mornings. She’s more outgoing than I am, more cheerful.


Madame Byers: Traveling, languages, clothing, shopping, and Starbucks are all in common. And I love mornings, so we balance each other out.


The Spotlight: What’s your favorite thing about the other person? What’s your least favorite thing?

Srta. Swartz: My least favorite is when she talks to me in the morning. But, she’s a very good listener and gives good advice.


Madame Byers: When she doesn’t want to talk to me in the morning is my least favorite. Her sense of humor and how she laughs at my jokes is my favorite though.


The Spotlight: What are the key elements of your friendship?

Srta. Swartz: Languages and communication.
Madame Byers: Coffee and laughter.

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