Meet the SLHS 2017-18 Class Officers

Danielle Alpert and Bridgette Lang

Every year, the student body decides through a vote who is going to lead the class in activities, fundraisers, and more. Not only do they raise money for their class, but they organize the venue for prom and what the school will receive as the class gift. All the class officers chosen for this year have different ideas about how to fundraise money for the night everyone looks forward to and how they are going to leave their mark on Southern Lehigh.

Senior Class Officers

Danielle Alpert
From bottom to top: Garret Clauser, Nate Morris, Thomas Matsumura, and Shannon Quinn.

President Thomas Matsumura
Goal for the year: The big thing is organizing all of the administration aspects of graduation and the venue is stocked and ready to go. The class gift and getting people’s input and getting that ready to go.
Fun fact: I have a pet guinea pig named Rocco.
Vice President Nate Morris
Goal for the year: To have a great graduation and make our last year as memorable as possible and not one that we take for granted.
Fun fact: I’m from England.
Secretary Shannon Quinn

Goal for the year: To have a successful year of fundraising to prepare us for graduation!
Fun fact: I have played the violin since I was four years old.
Treasurer Garret Clauser
Goal for the year: To plan and fundraise an awesome graduation!

Junior Class Officers

Bridgette Lang
From left to right: Taso Rubino, Alex Becker, Chloe Scozzafava, Sawyer Sargent.

President Taso Rubino
Goal for the year: I want to make prom great again.
Fun fact: I blame social media for everything.
Vice President Alex Becker
Goal for the year: This year we obviously have a lot of work to do. Although we set up tons of fundraisers, we were horrible at advertising so that’s gonna be a really huge thing for us this year. Everyone should come if we set up a fundraiser; it’s the only way we can bring in money and all. So I guess those would be the big things: more advertising of our fundraisers and greater attendance as a result of that.
Fun fact: I’m really big on learning new things and I think breadth in knowledge is really important to me. One of the things that drives me is my love for just figuring things out and learning from the stuff I do. I also really like chess and we’re starting a chess club so everyone should join.
Secretary Chloe Scozzafava
Goal for the year: To communicate with my fellow officers and develop as many fundraisers as possible to collect enough money to have the raddest prom possible, and also to make sure everyone knows they are able to talk to us.
Fun fact: I own 5 different pairs of crocs in all different colors.
Treasurer Sawyer Sargent
Goal for the year: To maximize the yield of every fundraiser that we schedule this year in order to lower the price of prom.
Fun fact: House of Cards is my favorite show.

Sophomore Class Officers

Bridgette Lang
From left to right: Paige Zamichielli, Emily Jordan, Jenna Groeber, and Alex Lycette.

President Aidan Johnson-
Goal of the year: To raise as much money as possible for the class and try to make school more enjoyable for the students.
Fun fact: Come out next to our next fundraiser at Chipotle on December 17!

Vice President Alex Lycette-
Goal of the year: To do the best job possible to represent my class and organize fundraising for a fun prom.
Fun fact: We raised about 1.5 thousand last year.

Secretary Emily Jordan-
Goal of the year: To raise money because there were some difficulties last year, so this year we’ll make up for that.
Fun fact: I have never eaten a hamburger.

Treasurer Jenna Groeber-
Goal of the year: To raise as much money as we can.
Fun fact: My favorite food is chicken pot pie.

Fundrasing Adviser Paige Zamichieli-
Goal of the year: To raise more money than we need to so that we can have a lit prom.
Fun fact: I was in a yodeling contest when I was 10.

Freshman Class Officers

Bridgette Lang
From left to right: Freshmen Cameron Hines, Jack Ziets, Ruhbani Sidhu.

President Cameron Hines-
Goal of the year: I would like to develop and maintain an inclusive school environment for all of my constituents. Making sure everyone feels involved is important too.

Fun fact: I am very passionate about government. My kindergarten show-and-tell was reciting the 44 presidents.

Vice President Jack Ziets-
Goal of the year:To keep a safe environment for friends.

Fun fact: I am in the marching band, so come see us on Fridays.

Secretary Ruhbani Sidhu-
Goal of the year: To have the best prom by having the best food and the best venue.
Fun fact: My brother and I share the same birthday, but we are two years apart.

Treasurer Sooyeon Jung-
Goal of the year: For people to turn in their class dues because then we will have money for parties and events, so we need a fund for that.