Solehi JV Football Team Holds Their Ground


Kelcie Wagner

Players hustle off the field during a home game.

Morgan Downing and Kelcie Wagner

Southern Lehigh Junior Varsity football is the future. With three wins, two losses, and one tie as of October 29, they are having a more successful season than their older, more experienced counterparts on Varsity, who had four wins and six losses in their regular season. 

“It has been a great season and our JV record reflects it,” freshman tight end and defensive lineman Bryan Tobin said.

The offense has also been doing well this season, with a “great quarterback and some good recieving talents,” according to Tobin. 

Freshman JV quarterback Christopher Fritts hopes to use his skills to improve both his own team, and varsity. Fritts said that the athletes play well together and have “great chemistry,” adding that the team gives, “100% during every play” to win.

Tobin said that the JV team has been working especially hard throughout the offseason and regular season.

 “The defense has been amazing,” Tobin said, “forcing turnovers, and even have three touchdowns this season off picks.”

In preparation for games to come, the team is working to improve their skills so they can efficiently convert big plays on offense and defense. The team had struggled with several injuries in key players. 

“We just need to stay healthy and we will be fine,” Fritts said.

Varsity coach Phil Sams works closely with JV as well. 

“They’re very competitive,” Coach Sams said, “but is disappointing that they have had two games canceled.” 

JV players always support their teammates and can commonly be found cheering Varsity on through wins and losses. Each player is prepared in case they need to step in at any given moment. Fritts has been known to play as backup quarterback on varsity when needed.

“You feel you need to do your best to represent your school and yourself,” Fritts said, “so playing on Friday nights, you’re better.”

With more support from the student body, the players are more energized and excited to play during Varsity games. 

After a rough start for the JV team, they came out with three wins back to back. The Spartans are trying their hardest as they focus on a bright future.

Tobin said, “I’m playing my heart out.”