Student Section Brings the Spirit to Sports


Students showing their school spirit during the SL homecoming game.

There’s no better place to find unity among a student body than in the stadium of a football game. The Southern Lehigh student section has proven this to be true as they come together after a year of missing out on spreading school spirit during the games. 

Last year, in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, Southern Lehigh had to limit the capacity of spectators during high school football games, which eliminated the student section. However, now these restrictions have been lifted. The current seniors took on leadership roles in the student section even though they were sophomores when the pandemic hit. With little experience, senior leaders including Will Woodring, Matt Tankred, and Dominik Lisicky have stepped up, taking responsibility for actively participating and encouraging others, spreading school spirit, and supporting Southern Lehigh’s football team.  

“I just love the community, this school, the program around it, and the Spartans,” Lisicky said, “so I just wanted to show everyone my spirit, and [how] me and my friends support whatever sport my classmates are in, such as football.”

Student section leaders take the initiative to start chants, integrate themselves among students from other grades, and serve as positive motivators for the football team. The leaders focus on involving all students, especially the underclassmen who aren’t as familiar with the expectations of the Student section during football games. As the season goes on, they teach these underclassmen so they will lead correctly when it is their turn. 

The football players say the student section amps up the team after a successful play, pushing the players to strive for a win. 

“I feel like it raises the energy of the whole crowd,”  and more energy means more adrenaline, and more adrenaline means better play,” sophomore varsity football player Jack Inglis said. 

Vice Principal Mr. Chad Kinslow believes the student section impacts the excitement at football games, improving each week after a rough start to the season. With the seniors positively leading by example, they focus on the key situations during the game so that when a big moment happens, they are ready to initiate a cheer. 

“Dominik [Lisicky] and Will Woodring [try] to hype everyone up, which is their main goal in the football game,” junior Maggie Pavis said, “and they definitely lead some good chants.”

To lift players’ spirits and the game’s overall energy, several students and football players recommend fully participating in the themes, increasing the volume of chants, and bringing signs with positive slogans.

“Saying negative things about the other team is not what you are supposed to do,” sophomore varsity quarterback James Wisecarver said. “The goal is to spread positivity throughout the student section and to our football team.”

Above all else, the student section is a place where Southern Lehigh students can come together in the stands to support the team, no matter the score of the game, enhancing the experience for everyone on the field and the sidelines. 

“Just try to have fun with it,” senior Sophia Hoyer said, “and have as much fun as possible.”