SLHS MiniTHON returns to normal for 2022 celebration


Marlo Spritzer

The 2021 SLHS MiniTHON committee raised over $20,000 despite pandemic limitations. This year’s committee hopes to surpass that number.

Southern Lehigh students are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get involved in various clubs at the high school; MiniTHON is one of the biggest clubs with 133  student members. As many students are actively engaged, this club brings together the student body raising money “For the Kids” (FTK). This motto represents MiniTHON’s motive in  their yearly fundraiser. 

This year’s MiniTHON fundraiser, on May 14, is expected to have an impressive attendance, bouncing back from the setback of Covid-19. Southern Lehigh students, staff, and community members have expressed excitement for this year’s fundraiser and are ready to raise money FTK by dancing, eating, playing games, etc., for 12 hours from 10AM.- 10PM. Over 200 students are expected to attend. 

“Yes. I’m planning to raise awareness and show my support for the cause,” said sophomore Sydney King. “I also believe it will be a fun time and a good experience.” 

MiniTHON is already off to a fantastic start. After the Mini and TinyTHON events, they are already halfway to their fundraising goal. All of the money raised will directly go towards the cause, supporting thousands of children with cancer. 

“Our goal this year is $30-45,000. Although this goal has not been reached yet, our members have been doing a fantastic job raising money (and awareness of pediatric cancer) via fundraisers and other fun events,” said senior Sophia Hoyer, the head of the entertainment committee.

TinyTHON is a subcategory of MiniTHON in the Southern Lehigh School District. It is an amazing opportunity to get the middle school students involved before going to High School. At this two-hour after-school event held on April 13th at Southern Lehigh Middle School, middle schoolers had the opportunity to participate in the activities held at the high school during the MiniTHON fundraisers. 

Not only does hosting a TinyTHON help raise money, but it also gives middle schoolers a chance to give back to their community, and it shows them what life is like as a member of MiniThon raising money for the kids.

“I definitely feel like I would have fun and donate at TinyTHON,” eighth-grader Jayson Stock said. “I’m excited to see if this is a club I would want to do when I am in high school next year.” 

No matter the number of people who decide to attend these fundraisers, the students that make the MiniTHON club possible demonstrate how they all genuinely care and believe in raising money FTK. Their passion ultimately helps Southern Lehigh’s MiniTHON have a great impact on society. 

“I THON in hope for a cure one day and of course, for the kids… The joy of seeing what all of our hard work and fundraising goes to is just unmatched. Ms.Tocci does a wonderful job with the club and the event is always super fun and memorable,” said senior Emily Schlegel, who is the head of the social media committee.

Southern Lehigh’s enthusiasm and support from the student body and this community impact the world for the better.