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Luke Fisher

Luke Fisher, Staff Reporter

Luke Fisher is a first-year staff reporter for the Spotlight who primarily wrote entertainment articles during the 2023-2024 school year. Fisher was also a huge contributor to the newspaper when it came to sports, whether it was reporting on the status of our teams or taking incredible action shots.

Luke admits he joined the class senior year to be with friends, but his writing made him feel accomplished, and he enjoyed publishing articles of his own.

“I thought it was a fun and easy class for senior year that I could enjoy with my pals,” Fisher said. “I enjoyed spending time with them and being allowed to write articles; it's always fun to see your name publicized even if you're the one who wrote it.”

To future journalism students, Fisher shares advice that he himself learned while taking the class.

“Use your time wisely, and just get ahead of your work,” he said. “Too often I was rushing to get my articles out because we would goof around for the majority of the classes.”

After he graduates, Fisher will attend Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, where he will study physics and engineering. Although he is not exactly sure what career path he wants to follow, Fisher is interested in mechanical and electrical engineering.  

“[My] interest has stemmed from always enjoying those types of things growing up I guess,” he said. “I've always liked taking things apart and putting them back together learning how they work and I've always been into building things and finding cool solutions.”

Before he goes off to school, however, Luke is excited for his summer plans.

“I’m looking forward to the summer camp I work at in New Hampshire. This will be my tenth year going from camper to counselor. I will be there for the majority of the summer,” Fisher said. “ I also look forward to senior endeavors and spending time with my friends before we all go off to college.”

As his senior year comes to an end, Luke likes to look back and remember all the good memories he made while at Southern Lehigh.

“I'm going to miss the freedom and lack of responsibility in a sense,” he said. “There is a special feeling about being in school and seeing your friends that I can't really explain, but I will miss it.”

And to all underclassmen or incoming students, Fisher has just one more thing to say. 

“As long as you be who you are and want to be, you will find the right people who like you for the right reasons.”

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