Noah Hakim German Exchange Student


Nicole Schroy

An exchange student from Germany, Noah Hakim seems to enjoy Southern Lehigh.

Nicole Schroy, Managing and Video Editor

From Karlsruhe, Germany, to the small town of Coopersburg, junior Noah Hakim has adapted to the ways of an American student. Hakim is a foreign exchange student at Southern Lehigh High School and has learned a lot on his adventure so far.

“I like the people here because they are all so friendly and funny,” Hakim said, “they are open minded people.”

Hakim plays on the Southern Lehigh soccer team and has made many friends. It is his first year playing and he feels welcome. In Germany, however, he plays handball and plans to play handball when he returns home.

Outside of schoolwork and soccer, you could most likely find him at the home of senior Avery Young. The Young family is hosting Hakim during his time in the United States.

“Hosting an exchange student is a great experience for the both of us. It is very fortunate that Noah [and I] get along very well and share many similar interests,” senior Avery Young said. “I feel as if hosting an exchange student is not for everyone, but personally, I enjoy it. I love showing him the ropes and taking him to the places I enjoy most.”

Hakim has enjoyed his stay here so far, and he looks forward to the rest of the year.

“Southern Lehigh has some really cool teachers, and I really like the attitude of the students,” Hakim said.

Last year, Southern Lehigh senior Michael Partington traveled to Germany, Paris, Rome, Prague, where he spent time as an exchange student through the 2014-2015 school year.

“The biggest thing I took away from my exchange was the new perspective,” Partington said. “Everyone and everything comes from a different circumstance, and it is your responsibility to be as open as possible and to understand the way things are.”