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McKenzie Browne

McKenzie Browne, Entertainment Editor

McKenzie Browne was part of the Spotlight Staff for four years and an editor for three. She has made a significant impact on the newspaper as editor of the Entertainment and Features pages.

Apart from writing articles and slaving over InDesign, Kenzie boasts an impressive background in the sport of inline speed skating. Since speed skating is not in the Olympics yet, she has to compete to qualify for the USA World Team, which she has done for the past three years. She has traveled the globe while competing in the World Championships where she is ranked as the 12th fastest junior sprinter.

Being a world-renowned athlete is no easy task, for McKenzie gets no “off days.” She works out daily and can squat up to 270 pounds. It is rumored that she wrestles bears in her free time and can beat up any boy that is willing to take on the challenge.

Excluding writing, editing, and skating, McKenzie takes interest in media and entertainment. She recently read the Divergent series, and it quickly became her favorite. It has inspired McKenzie to become fearless and brave in order to one day become a part of the Dauntless faction.

Her favorite television shows include “Boy Meets World,” “Breaking Bad,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Dexter.”  With television shows come with deep, long analysis sessions with Mrs. Spritzer and Dana during class. Although she may not agree with their opinions, the discussion sessions continue to be something to look forward to.

Kenzie also enjoys the city of Philadelphia. Along with being THE number one fan of the Flyers, Eagles, and Phillies, she also enjoys going to concerts. She’s seen a variety of artists in venues across the Philly area. Favorite artists that she’s seen live are Mike Stud, Huey Mack, and Maroon 5.

McKenzie Browne’s pure awesomeness and impressive achievements are evident. During the next few years of her life, she will take her talent and completely involve herself in skating. She will take an adventure to Salt Lake City, Utah, to try ice speed skating and hopefully train for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

McKenzie’s favorite teachers during her time at Southern Lehigh have been Mrs. Spritzer, Mr. Dow, and Mr. Skrapits. Her favorite memories include the three years she spent with her Chinese class, winning districts in lacrosse junior year, and of course all the time she spent with the Spotlight staff.

“Being a part of The Spotlight the past four years has been incredible. Even though the stress of spending four hours after school putting the paper together was awful, I’m going to miss doing it for some strange reason,” she said. “Maybe it’s because I will miss my fellow editors, Dana, Cody, and Kylie, who have been there through everything. Oh, and of course, Spritz!”

McKenzie made a huge impact not only in the newspaper, but in our hearts. The Spotlight Staff wishes her the best of luck in her future escapades and hopes to see her doing bigger and better things.

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McKenzie Browne